b'BULLETINMaatttteerrss NO. 49MANAGEMENTBy Sandy Seay, Seay Management Consultants MOf Horses And Humans - Part Twobecause it wanted to obey out of respect and trust. It was awonderful evening followed by dancing to Western musicunderbreathtakingviewsofBuffaloValleyandtheGrand Tetons.I have since returned to the Diamond Cross Ranch on twooccasions, once a few years ago with several close friends andmost recently with my family, all nine of us, including ourthreealmost-perfectgranddaughters.Onceagain,Grantdemonstrated his horse whispering techniques for us, to thewonder and awe of our granddaughters and to of all of the restof us, as well.One of our twin granddaughters, Kathryn, hastaken some riding lessons so she climbed on the back ofFreckles and made several turns around the corral.WithGrants help, she had Freckles go forward and backward andeven around in a tight circle.Jane spent quality time with bothKathryn and her twin Karleigh and showed both of them howto train the horse with a small white flag and with just a littlegive and take.Their older sister Annie watched them workI need the hills of Wyoming, on the trail of the Buffalo. fromtheedgeofthecorral,offeringkindwordsof Gary McMahan, Cowboy Poet. encouragement and approval and photographing the event forfamily history.It was a splendid experience.A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!As he spoke to us and to the horse, Grant once again applied Shakespeare, Richard III, Act 5, Scene 4. his horse whispering techniques to human life experiences. AsSeveral years ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a medical I listened to him talk, I saw again how similar horses are toconference in Jackson, Wyoming, one of the most stunningly humans, and I thought again about how much we can learnbeautiful places on Earth and home to the magnificent Grand from these magnificent creatures and how powerfully theseTetons mountain range. One evening, the sponsors of the horse whispering principles apply to so many aspects of ourconference piled us on a bus and took us about 30 miles east lives,likeparenting,management,andinterpersonalof Jackson to the Diamond Cross Ranch where, for the first relationships amongst families, friends, and employees. Heretime, I had the honor of meeting Grant Golliher, authentic are some things that Grant taught us along with a few of mycowboy and genuine Horse Whisperer, and his lovely wife Jane, own comments:great granddaughter of Jackson Hole pioneers.That evening, 1. The horse respects humility. At some point, Grant will kneel inGrant demonstrated the horse whispering techniques he uses to front of the horse and allow the horse to see that he is not again horses respect and trust. We watched in awe as a troubled threat.Humility is an important trait for humans, as well.Pro-and fearful horse became an obedient and confident mount, fessor Jim Collins in Good to Great writes that one of the twonot because it was forced to out of a slave mentality but characteristics of a Level 5 Manager is a healthy dose of per-Note: All in-print DLI bulletins, including this one, are available on DLIs Drycleaning Encyclopedia App or on the Drycleaning Encyclopedia webedition accessible in the Members Only section of DLIonline.org. This resource is available to Silver, Gold, Premier, and International Members.THIRD QUARTER 2019 31'