b'BULLETINNO. 49sonal humility.Humility, to be effective, must be genuine, un- likely to learn.Employees, and children, need to turn also.like the bumptious fellow who said, When it comes to hu- They need to have freedom of movement, freedom to fail, free-mility, I take my hat off to no man. dom to take a risk.Someone once said, The way you keep2. Be as gentle as you can and as firm as you need to be. Do as little from making mistakes is by experience.And the way you getas you can but as much as you need to.Be quick to give and experience is by making mistakes.Sam Rutigliano, formerslow to take.These principles can be important in administer- Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns, says that none of us ising discipline to children and to employees.Some employees perfect, we just have a batting average.need just a touch, while others need a swift kick in the seat of 8. Reward the slightest try and the smallest change. Make the rightthe pants.Find the balance and do what is necessary, but not thing easy, make the wrong thing difficult. One of Grants strongestmore than is necessary.Be quick to offer compliments, slow to teachingsistorewardtheslightesttryandthesmallestoffer criticism. movement in the right direction.This kind of positive rein-3. The horse can overcome a troubled past but never forgets it.An forcement helps the horse gain a sense of trust and confidenceabused horse never forgets the abuse but can overcome it and and moves the horse in the right direction.Dale Carnegieregain some level of respect and trust.Every person I know has taught us years ago that most people respond to a spirit of ap-undergone adversity of some kind and the ones who have gone preciation much better than a spirit of criticism.Be quick toon to peace in life and success in business have been able to praise and slow to criticize.Phrases like, Good job, andovercome it.Someone once said, The difference between a Thanks, go a long way.successful person and an unsuccessful person is how he or she The Diamond Cross Ranch is located in Buffalo Valley,handles adversity. Moran, Wyoming, on the way to Yellowstone National Park.4. Every horse has a different sensitivity so you have to treat each one Perhaps youll have an opportunity to visit there one dayaccording to his sensitivity.And in the same way, every person is and I know that Grant and Jane will be glad to see you.Alongdifferent, as well.Some employees are tough as shoe leather theway,youcouldstopattheBuffaloValleyCafjustand its hard to get their attention while others are extremely down the road, for breakfast or lunch in a rustically authentic,sensitive and still others fall somewhere in between.The DISC no-frillsWesternsetting.Theranchswebsiteisprofile or a similar tool is a good way to help determine an em- www.diamondcrossranch.com, which has strikingly beautifulployees personality temperament and, to some degree, his or pictures and a good deal of information about the ranch andher sensitivity level. its history.Grant has recently published his memoirs in a5. Horses respect boundaries and feel safe within boundaries. All of book entitled Chasing a DreamA Horsemans Memoir.us need to know where the boundaries are because boundaries I picked up a copy while we were visitingwith him and Janekeep us out of trouble.Thats why we have speed limits, 40 and I could not put it down.It is the true and authentichour work weeks, first-down markers, and strike zones. And story of the cowboy life in the Great American West, whichthats one reason we have employee handbooks with policies, is still alive and well.You can purchase a copy from therules, and regulations.Most people feel more secure if they website and I guarantee youll be captivated.If youreknow where the boundaries are. looking to hold a company event, the Diamond CrossRanch will be the best and most memorable one youve ever6. Horses like to be with the herd. Horses tend to want to be with had and your team will remember it for years afterward.other horses.When Grant finishes a horses training for the And if youre looking for an interesting, entertaining, andday, the horse will immediately trot over and join the other uniquekeynotespeakerforaconference,Ihighlyhorses in the corral.In the same way, most people want to be recommend Grant.You can reach him and Jane on theiraround other people and most employees want to be accepted website.by the group.According to Aristotle, men and women are so- And in the meantime, please contact your Seay Managementcial beings by nature, and if a manager can foster this kind of Consultantifyouhaveanyemploymentquestionsoraffirming workplace, the result is likely to be good morale and employment issues to resolve.Were always very glad to heara positive team spirit. from you and appreciate having you as a friend and client of7. When youre turnin, youre learnin.Grant teaches that if the our firm.And, as Roy Rogers used to say at the end of eachhorse is turning while he is being trained, then the horse is television program, Good Bye, Good luck, and may the Goodlearning.Horses like to move their feet and you have to let Lord take a liking to you!them move their feet because a horse that is standing still is less32 FABRICARE'