b' Inspection Before Washingamajorroleinhowthecustomerperceivesthe Checkallpocketstoavoidpotentialoverall wash and fold service. Too often, nished problems.Anyitemsfoundinpocketswash-dry-foldordersarestackedhaphazardly should be returned to the customer.withinside-outsocksdrapedoverapillowcase,Any items with zippers should have thetowelscarelesslyfolded,womensandmens zipper closed before washing to preventunderwear combined, etc. damage to itself or to prevent the zipper from damaging other items in the load. ClothingshouldbeconsistentlyfoldedLint is very noticeable on dark clothes.into the same size and shape. Training Minimize this eect by turning black orsta members with standardized folding dark colored clothing inside-out.techniques is key to accomplishing thisMark and pre-treat stainsgoal. Questionableitemssuchassilkorwoolmay Separate mens from womens clothing. require drycleaning. Contact the customer before processing. Useplasticbags,butnottrashbags. Customers respond Washing betterwhentheirnishedorderlooks clean and attractive. FollowingthecarelabelinstructionsisMaking the little extra eort to provide a recommended. A simple guideline, however, is:better presentation can lead to a better Whites Hot WaterLight Cold WaterDarks bottom line. Cold Water Drying Ideally,multipledryersshouldbe usedandthewashedloadsshould besortedbyfabrictype.This providestheversatilityofdrying somedurableitemsonhigh temperatureanddelicateoneson low.Your trusted Partner for Cleaning up environmental spillsIn most cases, an item washed in a net bag should also be dried in a net bag.Dryersheetsorfabricsoftenersare optional,butkeepinmindsome customers have skin sensitivities. Again,followingtheprovidedcare instructionsisrecommend,but general drying guidelines to use are: High TemperatureBlankets, jeans, towels and other heavy items.MediumTemperatureBlousesand T-shirts.Low TemperatureDelicates. Finishing TouchesThe appearance of the completed order plays Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institutewww.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 13\x00'