b"Coronavirus-COVID-19 Members Only!InadditiontoDLI'spublicCoronavirus-COVID-19 Return to Work Plan Resources page, this page offers resources only DLIWebinar Recordings: Memberscanaccess.Allofthisinformationand much more can be found on the DLI Website at PPPLoans,FTEsand8or24Weekswith dlionline.org Puzzle HR After the Shutdown ChangesIMadetoMyBusinessDuring Covid-19PanelDiscussion(Wednesday, Informationtohelpbusinessestransitionintore- June 10)opening for business and calling employees back to PPPLoanForgivenesswithPuzzleHR work.(Friday, June 5)New OSHA Guidance GettingBacktoWorkwithNewRulesWithHereisanarticleaboutbringingemployeesPuzzle HR (Friday May 22) backtoworkaftertheGreatCoronavirus Navigating Employee Issues During Covid-19 Shutdown by Seay Management Consultants,With Sandy Seay (Wednesday, April 15) DLI's HR Partner Firm o Downloadslidesforthispresentation(PDF) COVID-19 Guidance Covid-19 Legilsation & Your Business, Part 4DLI COVID-19 Handling Itemswith Puzzle HR (Thursday, April 16)Cleaning Cloth Face Masks Covid-19 Legilsation & Your Business, Part 3with Puzzle HR(Thursday, April 9) COVID-19 Sample Policies Covid-19 Legislation & Your Business, Part 2 Herearesamplepoliciesyoucanuseaswith Pzzle HR (Thursday, April 2) guidelines to develop plans that are tailored for your Part 2 Q&A for DLI Members with Puzzle HR particularbusinessandforanystate(Friday, April 3) requirements. These initial documents may need to Covid-19 Legislation & Your Business, Part 1 bechangedandupdatedaslocalandstatewith Puzzle HR (Wednesday, March 26) regulations are developed. Covid-19:RestartingYourBusinesswithInfectious Disease Control PolicyPuzzle HR (Friday, March 15)Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institutewww.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 \x004"