b'WHAT DO I DO IF MY EMPLOYEES ARE AFRAID TO COME TO WORK? BY THE SEAY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS TEAMTheFFCRAand a s s o c i a t e dOneofthestrangestandmostunusualsituations legislationwererevolves around employees who refuse to come to p a s s e db ywork owing to one of two reasons Congress so quickly thatmanyofthe1. the employee who is afraid of contracting the employmentandvirus,eventhoughheorshedoesnot HRissueswereactually have it and has no symptoms of it,unclear, ambiguous,2. the employee who claims, correctly, that he or,insomecases,orshecanreceivemoremoneyon unaddressed.Sissyunemployment than by working.EganoftheSeay Teamhasobserved,This anomaly is due to the award of an additional withgreatinsight,Theycreatedtherulesbutare$600 of federal unemployment compensation, which still working on the rule book! In the past couple ofis added to the state unemployment compensation. weeks,however,theDepartmentofLaborhasIn Florida, for example, a person can receive a state claried some of these issues and, today, we have amaximum of $275 per week plus an additional $600 betterunderstandingofhowmanagementappliesper week from the federal government, for a total of these new benets to specic situations. The three$875 per weekall for not working! A New Jersey specic benets are (a) up to 80 hours of sick payemployeecanreceive$713instatefundsandan foremployeeswhoexperiencecertainCOVID-19additional $600 in federal funds, for a total of $1313 events,(b)anadditional10weeksofextendedallfornotworking!Letstakealookatthe FMLA for employees with children whose school orsituations one at a time.daycarehaveclosed,and(c)extended unemployment compensation, for those employees who qualify.Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institutewww.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 \x006'