b'Membership Includes Effortless Web Products A smartphone-ready website, automated post to your brands Facebook page and engaging email marketing to your customers. Apps For Dry Cleaners Apps prepare your staff for any question, stain or fabric. Search any dry cleaning topic or send DLI pictures of damaged garments for analysis. (you may not be liable) DLI Experts on Demand We hire the experts so you dont have to. If you have any technical problems or questions, well solve it in one call, email or online chat.Industry Advice, and Discounts Dry cleaning news, marketing techniques and warnings on problem garments. Members have access to indus-try discounts, networking events and much more. Join today at www.DLIonline.org or give us a call 800-638-2627 Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institutewww.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 \x008'