Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institute www.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 !1 In This Issue Save the Date…….…………….……3 The benefits of using a secret shopper program.……………………6 Take your dog to work day……………….…………………10 Why do dry cleaners get such a bad rap?………………….….12 Social media with Brian Rashid……14 Calendar of Events Night with the Pacers Saturday March 30, 2019 See page five MWDLI Annual Convention August 2-4, 2019 Cincinnati, OH Cocktail Reception April 4th, 2019 Cincinnati, OH Clean Show June 20-23rd, 2019 New Orleans, LA I have had the pleasure of working with Rick and Dixie Armstrong for more than 30 years. Rick and Dixie have been instrumental in keeping the association strong and unified. Over the years, the dynamic duo have been responsible for putting on countless seminars, conventions and other types of programs as well as keeping member’s informed on the latest news and information. We are grateful to have Rick and Dixie stay on for another year to help guide MWDLI moving forward. As for myself, I have worked for the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI) for more than 35 years, Yup, a long time! I love this industry, always have and together with the MWDLI Advisory council we are going to continue to grow the Association and provide education and training for our members. I would also like to acknowledge our Allied Trade members who give their time and money to make things happen. Without their support, it would be extremely difficult to put on successful conventions, training seminars, social events and most everything else MWDLI promotes. MWDLI’s mission has not changed! Our goal was and still is to have a strong regional association with strong representation so we can continue to provide education, training, social events, conventions as well as be an advocate for the drycleaning industry. So my message to members is to please continue supporting MWDLI and the local events that come your way. MWDLI will continue to provide the needed education and training, but we need the support of members to make them successful. We are all busy, but we need to recognize that as business owners and operators it’s just as important to spend time working on your business as it is in it. So now, we want to hear from you. Have an idea or suggestion? Tell us! We are here working for you. I can be reached at 765-969-5745. I am looking forward to meeting everyone at our next event. Executive Director Report By Jon Meijer January/February 2019