b'Route SalespersonAgain, all customers should be given a bag with the company logo and a personalized tag with the The route driver is usually not the best option forcustomers information and, if possible, customer building route sales. The exception would be onlypreferences.if the driver is going to be the route manger in the future.ItwouldbedesirableifthedriverhadBusiness cards are great ways of marketing the somesalesknowledgeforthetimeswhenrouteservice,andtheyshouldbehandedout potentialcustomersinquireabouttheservice,freely. It is not unusual to put prices on the back however,thedrivershouldnotbetheprimaryof the card.sales representative for the route. The use of a customer sign-up sheet is a must. Dedicated Phone LineThis sheet should have customer information as well as prices.Thereshouldbeadedicatedphonelinesetup exclusivelyfortheroute.WhoeverismanagingComputer Systems therouteshouldbethemaincontactperson. SincemostofthecallscominginwillbeeitherIdeally, a computer system for a route should:customerserviceissuesorpotentialnewProduce a route manifest that arranges the pick customers,someoneknowledgeableabouttheup and delivery in order by route stops.Provide serviceshouldbetheonetorespond.Mobilebillingandaccountingfeaturesthatcanprint phones are a great way to reduce the chances ofinvoicesandsimplifycreditcardpayments. a miscommunication with potential customers. Provideaccuratereportsthatcanbeusedfor marketing the route.Marketing MaterialsConclusion Flyersanddirectmailpiecescanbeused,and they do work. But they must be followed up withByapplyingafewbasicguidelinesinthe phonecallsanddoor-to-doormarketingtobeginning, the foundation will be set to allow the achieve their greatest results. route to accomplish exactly what the goals areto grow and prosper.Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institutewww.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 13\x00'