b'Cleaning Cloth Face Masks By Drycleaning & Laundry InstituteGuidance on Cleaningfabrics.Also,someofthesemasksmay Cloth Face Masks containspandexbers.Intheseinstances, chlorine-basedbleachwouldnot Facemasksmaybewithbe appropriate.Acolor-safebleach, us for some time. This is aperoxyacetic acidorhydrogenperoxide, great service you can oeracitric acid product or quaternary ammonium yourcustomers.Thelike Lysol would work best.most important concern ismaking sure the masks areSincethesemasksmaycontaincottonyou disinfectedandreadytowearwhenyoureturnwanttominimizeshrinkage.So, whilehot them.Disinfectingisdierentfromsanitizing.water(160F)isbest,withtheappropriate Disinfectingkillsmicroscopicorganisms(germs,chemicals,watertemperaturecanbe viruses, fungi).reduced.Disinfectionisusuallyachievedbyusing EPA- 3. Aftertumbledrying,mediumsetting,the approvedchemicals thatkilltheorganismsandmasks can be removed from the bag.Discard prevent them from spreading. Sanitizing reduces,any inserts, and press. notkills,thenumberandgrowthofbacteria,4. Returnthedisinfected,pressedmasksto viruses, and fungi. your customer.ForFacemaskswethinkitisimportantthatyou takeeverysteptoensuretheyarevirusand bacteria free.1. Place the facemasks from each customer or household in a net bag andsecure the bag c l o s e d .T h e nm a r kt h eb a gt o identify the customer.Thenetbagwillhelp prevent the face masks from entangling.It is importantthatyouleaveampleroomintheYour trusted Partner for bagsothefacemasksgetthenecessaryCleaning up environmental spills mechanical action during laundering.Forasmall net bagsuch as the size used for lingerie, usually 20-25 maskst well.You can adjust this number based on the size of the bag. The key is to provide enough space for themasktomoveroundinthebagwith tangling.Youmightwanttoconsidergivingyour customer a net bag they can use at home to storetheirdirtyfacemasksuntiltheybring them to you.2. Thereareacoupleofwaystoensure disinfectionduringlaundering.Wesuggest using an EPA-approved chemical that would besafeonmostcoloredfabrics.The reusablefacemasksfromthegeneral public canbemadefromdyedorprinted Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institutewww.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 \x006'