b'WHAT GOT YOU HERE, WONT GET YOU THERE. MARSHALL GOLDSMITHThis is one of my favorite quotes. What do you REALLY want more of?MoneyHeres why I love it: TimeHealthIt encourages you to take full responsibility Connectionfor how and when you got to where you are Relationshipstoday.Dontblameothersoryour Purposeenvironment. That wont do any good. ImpactSomething else?Everythingyouhavebeendoing,andeveryone you have been doing it with, have Define what you want. Create a plan to getleduptoyougettingwhereyouareand there. Decide what, how, and with who, youachieving the results you are getting TODAY. will execute the plan.Asanentrepreneur,youarelikelyalways Oneofthegreatestanchorsholdingbackwantingthenextlevel.Thatcouldbemore my clients growth is this:money, more freedom, or more impact. Havinganegativeteammemberwhoisafraidofgrowthandfightsit.ThatpersonIfyouwantsomethingdifferentthanwhat may have got you where you are today.youaregettingrightnow,youmustdosomething to create the change. But that person needs to go so you can getto the next level.Ifyouwantsomethingdifferentthanwhat Questioneverytool,person,process,youaregettingrightnow,youmustdo routine, and strategy when you are trying tosomething to create the change. growtothenextlevel.ItwillmostlikelyNothing changes if nothing changes. need to change.MWDLI.org 800-638-2627 MidwestDLI@gmail.com'