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Hashtagging Your Way To Social Media Relevance Shirt Laundry Production Standards Poster Inside What Drycleaners Need to Know About Yelp What Drycleaners Need to Know About Yelp THE MAGAZINE OF THE DRYCLEANING LAUNDRY INSTITUTE SeptemberOctober 2015 SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 3 CONTENTS COVER FOCUS 15 What Drycleaners Need to Know About Yelp FEATURES 7 DLI NCA Escaping to the Caribbean this Winter 10 Three Quick Quality Tips 13 Hashtagging Your Way To Social Media Relevance 20 Laundered Shirts Poster 25 Marketing to Millennials Requires Modification 27 How Extreme Self-Confidence Can End Up Working Against Entrepreneurs 29 More Easily Accomplished Methods That Will Save You Big Bucks DEPARTMENTS 5 From the President 6 Whats Happening 9 Recent Graduates 22 Industry Innovators TECHNICAL BULLETINS 31 Evitando Arrugas De Plancha En Los Cuellos Technical Operating Information - No. 748 Spanish 33 Loss of Crinkle Pleat Design TABS - No. 457 English Spanish 35 Shirt Interfacings Can Turn Yellow TABS - No. 458 English Spanish 38 Kate Spade Skirt Not in Vogue - No. 113 13 h urlyproductionstan Launder Shirts15 Vol. 47 Issue No. 5 20 22 37 4 FABRICARE BOARD OF DIRECTORS DLI DISTRICT COMMITTEE MEMBERS Kathy Benzinger District One DCM Benzingers Dry Cleaning 716 649-6499 P.O. Box 761 Hamburg NY 14075 Richard Buddy Gritz CED District Two DCM Presto Valet of VA Inc. 703 998-6464 1623 Quaker Ln Alexandria VA 22302 Perry Bullard District Three DCM Fabric Care Center 803 632-3155 P.O. Box 549 Brunson SC 29911 Jeff Sitz District Four DCM City Cleaners 330 864-9722 1608 West Market St Akron OH 44313 Jess Culpepper CGCP District Six DCM Culpepper Cleaners Inc. 210 684-2231 5203 Callaghan Rd San Antonio TX 78228 Hilary Taylor District Seven DCM Continental Cleaners 801 359-4448 902 S 900 E Salt Lake City UT 84105 Bobby Patel District Eight DCM Kona Cleaners 949 646-5110 333 E 17th St Costa Mesa CA 92627 Award of Excellence Awardee STAFF Publisher Mary Scalco Director of Communications Harry A. Kimmel III Designer Kathy Guido Fabricare Vol. 47 No. 5 ISSN 1084-6778 is published bi-monthly by the Drycleaning Laundry Institute at 14700 Sweitzer Lane Laurel MD 20707. 301 622-1900. All rights reserved. 2015 Drycleaning Laundry Institute. Written permission is required to reprint articles from this publication. The subscription price for Fabricare and The Journal of Drycleaning Laundry Institute is 65 a year to DLI members only. Periodicals postage paid at Laurel MD and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Fabricare 14700 Sweitzer Lane Laurel MD 20707 14700 Sweitzer Lane Laurel Maryland 20707 301 622-1900 Fax 240 295-4200 ADVERTISING INDEX Advertising Information For information on advertising in Fabricare or to receive a current media kit or rate card call 1-800-638-2627. My Shoe Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 EZ Products International . . . . . . . . . 11 Arrow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 TransFirst. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 EZ Timers Manufacturing. . . . . . . . . 30 A.L. Wilson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 IWA Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Enviroforensics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Can you tell what went wrong with this garment Find the answer on pg. 33. What went wrong Greg Myers President Southside Cleaners 863 688-4747 901 South Florida Ave Lakeland FL 33803 Dave Beatty CPD President-Elect Murrysville Cleaners 724 327-6400 3945 Old William Penn Hwy Murrysville PA 15668 Michael Nesbit Treasurer MW Cleaners 281 320-9807 230 Spring Hill Dr Suite 325 Spring TX 77386 Allan P. Johnson III Chair Peerless Cleaners 361 887-0005 3434 South Staples St Corpus Christi TX 78411 John Dallas District One Director Fabricare House Cleaners 781 337-4495 32 Pond St Norwell MA 02061 Martin Young District Two Director Youngs Cleaners 704 786-3011 340 Church St Concord NC 28025 Leland Waite District Three Director Waites Cleaners 251 473-4984 P.O. Box 7187 Mobile AL 36670 Gary Maloney District Four Director Nu Yale Glacier Cleaners 812 285-7400 600 E. Hwy 62 Jeffersonville IN 47130 Dennis Schmitt District Five Director Lindemans Cleaners 920 435-5345 1231 S Monroe Avenue Green Bay WI 54301 Michael Nesbit District Six Director MW Cleaners 281 320-9807 230 Spring Hill Dr Suite 325 Spring TX 77386 Brad Ewing CED District Seven Director Nu Way Cleaners 970 336-8883 P.O. Box 336952 Greeley CO 80633 David Suber District Eight Director Perfect Cleaners 310 470-0330 10531 West Pico Blvd Los Angeles CA 90064 Mary Scalco CEO Corporate Secretary Drycleaning Laundry Institute 14700 Sweitzer Ln Laurel MD 20707 Joe Blaha Allied Trades DCM GreenEarth Cleaning 303 810-3508 51 West 135th St Kansas City MO 64145 John Jordan Allied Trades DCM Fabritec International 859 781-8200 8145 Holton Dr Suite 110 Florence KY 41043 S ome years ago while I was serving on the board of the Southeastern Fabricare Association we had a Member to Member program for anyone needing a little help. SEFA received a request from a couple in central Florida who needed help setting up a lot system because their assembly department was in disarray. Since they were in my area of the state I volunteered along with two other drycleaners to help them. The night before we were to meet in their plant I lay in bed thinking of how I would explain the lot system used in my plant. The more I thought about our system the more convoluted and tedious it seemed. Asking myself why we used that particular system I realized the answer Because thats the way weve al- ways done it. After we finished helping them with their problem I completely revamped the lot system we were using in our plant. I realized this is a common problem for owners who grew up in the business those 2nd 3rd and 4th generation types. Back in the late 80s and early 90s just as we started to realize the huge problems we all had with hazardous waste disposal and contaminated properties a lot of owners of historical plants and mom-and-pop shops decided it was not worth fighting new regulations and decided to sell while they still could. A lot of those businesses were bought by folks who had not grown up in the business. Other than the hurdles of learning the technical side of the industry some of these folks brought an untainted eye not blinded by decades of old habits. Today there more non-generational plants in the industry than ever before. In my opinion this is one of the best things that has happened to our industry in its history. Weve got some highly educated young people working in our business who have revolutionized the way we do things. Things of which I would have never imagined because of my years of experience. Weve been on automated assembly for 10 years now. Not because of my vision but because of a bright young guy who knew we needed to do it sooner rather than later. And these are innovations not just in technology but in employer-employee relations hiring and firing practices sales and just about every other segment of the business. I know we typically dont hire people anymore with years of experience in drycleaning because quite often those people are burdened with a lot of bad habits. The new management group services and the resident education department at DLI are great places to witness the phenomenon. Sure there are still a lot of legacy students learning the ropes to enter into the family busi- ness but a greater and greater percentage are bright hard-working people looking to learn all they can about the industry bring their own ideas and outlook to it and make a great life for themselves in the process. Bravo The drycleaning industry is dead long live the drycleaning industry Greg Myers DLI President Southside Cleaners Lakeland Florida SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 5 Overturn Old Habits with New Ideas FR OM THE PRE SIDENT Greg Myers 6 FABRICARE WHAT S HAPPENING DLIS STAINSOLVER APP IS NOW AVAILABLE ON BOTH ANDROID AND APPLE IOS DEVICES. The app allows users to quickly look up the solution to any stain. It also features a complete TABS library allowing users to share informa- tion on damage with customers. Version 2.0 of the app is in development. DLI is adding more stain solutions translating everything into Spanish to make it more accessible to more users and adding some more features to make the app more powerful. Download the app on the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. Search for DLI on the Apple Store and Stain Solver on Google Play. By the time the Android version of the app was ready for launch the iOS version had been downloaded 749 times. App users simply pick the stain type substance and base fabric and get step-by-step directions on removing it. A staffer might pick Beverage from the first menu for example Wine from the second and Acetate from the third and the following screen automatically gener- ates instructions. Step 1 Flush the stained area with steam or water the instructions say for the sample stain. Step 2 Apply a neutral synthetic detergent to the stained area and work the spotting agents into the stain with a bone spatula or lightly tamp with a stain removal brush to break up the stain and so on. In addition to Spanish-language stain-removal instruc- tions DLI released the Android version of the app in July. We are also adding a print feature Meijer adds in response to member requests. This app is just the first of many things in development to help members. Next up are an app to assist with garment analysis as well as webinars exploring new-media marketing topics such as how to use Facebook LinkedIn and Google AdWords to promote a business. As an association we want to add new members and strengthen our current memberships Meijer says. We want to keep making members happy and we have to introduce new products to do it. Access to the DLI app is included free of charge with Silver Gold and Premier memberships and occasionally as a one-month free trial to show drycleaners how easy it is to use. Its one of those things thats very intuitive DLI CEO Mary Scalco said. We believe its a really good product and you will think that its well worth your membership in the association. StainSolver App Available on Android Devices StainSolver app FREE to all Silver Gold Premier and International members. SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 7 FE ATURE Escape to Cancun with DLI NCA this Winter The Drycleaning Laundry Institute and the National Cleaners Association are taking their annual Brainstorming Five Star Conference to Secrets newest resort Akumal Riviera Maya in Cancun January 14-17 2016. Each morning of the conference features one seminar session with a professional speaker. Afternoons and evenings are free time to relax in the Caribbean sun net- work or get in adventures. Focus is the key element to all three scheduled pre- sentations. Returning presenter Rory Vaden will discuss how you can focus your efforts by saying no to un- necessary goals that distract from your overall vision. Jonah Berger author of Contagious Why Things Catch On will help you zero in those things that make people say or post great things about your business. Helping focus marketing tactics Amanda Johns Vaden will dis- cuss how to target marketing pieces to todays genera- tional mix of Boomers Gen-X and Millennials. The Secrets Resort at Akumal Riveria Maya promises to deliver the exceptional atmosphere customer service and amenities past attendees know and love. The asso- ciations leveraged their collective bargaining power to negotiate reduced rates. Rory Vaden stole the show when he last spoke for a DLINCA conference in 2014. He returns in 2016 with all-new material to help cleaners focus on improving Group ALL INCLUSIVE Rates JUNIOR SUITE - Garden NOT OCEAN View Single occupancy is 339 and Double occupancy 438 PREFERRED CLUB FLOOR - JR. SUITE - Ocean View Single Occupancy or Double Occupancy is 558 All inclusive - room rates include all food drink room service snacks pool fees tipping taxes etc. Secrets newest resort the Akumal Riveiera Maya in Cancun will host DLI NCAs Five Star Brainstorming Conference January 14-17 2016. 8 FABRICARE their businesses. Ken Kinzer from Bridgestone Cleaners in Brooklyn New York attended the previous confer- ence and said Rory Vaden was a grand slam from start to end. He immediately engaged me by saying he enjoyed studying our business. Hes an excellent motivational speaker and was the high point of my conference. A new face at the 2016 Conference is Jonah Berger author of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller Contagious Why Things Catch On a world renowned expert in what makes something go viral. Jonah Bergers presentation will focus not on the technology of where services and products are discussed but WHY they get talked about. Weve all seen it technologies go in and out of vogue said NCAs Executive Director Nora Nealis. Where is MySpace today Thats why cleaners want to know the psychology of harnessing the power of word of mouth for their businesses not just the technology. People will always find a place to talk but you have to give them something to talk about. Berger has researched thousands of pieces of content brands and purchases and identified six principles to getting people to talk. Hell be sharing and exploring them with attendees Saturday morning. Mark Scott CEO of Bakkers Fine Drycleaning in Kirkland Washington said the DLINCA conference was one of the most beneficial conferences I have been to yet Both from the speakers and possibly more from interacting with other drycleaners. The biggest thing I took away was the information I learned having dinner with one of the participants Scott said. Since that dinner I created a list of change now items that I am halfway through. It re-energized me in the business. Bob Fogelsanger president of Balfurd Inc. in Tipton Pennsylvania also enjoyed Vadens previous talk. Rorys take the stairs was my biggest take away he said. This involves doing the necessary legwork for any issue immediately and making sure my daily activity is what I need to do as a leader and not just busy work he said. DLI CEO Mary Scalco said the tropical setting helps people open up and share ideas. The backdrop to our seminars is a tropical paradise she said. Its the middle of winter and everyones relaxing in shorts or bathing suits. You get to meet up with people you may only see once or twice a year but talk to on the telephone or by email all the time. The speakers always have great ideas but many attendees have told me they enjoy talking informally with other drycleaning business owners and operators the best. For more information on this event visit DLIonline.orgFive-Star-Conference or call DLI at 800-638-2627. FE ATURE Join DLI NCA for a weekend in paradise this winter. SUMMER 2015 INTRODUCTION TO DRYCLEANING CLASS Premier Club Scholarship FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Brian Johnson DLI Director of Education Analysis Paige Green Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners Glyndon MD Bill Brown Best Cleaners Schenectady NY Daniel Fitzgerald CD One Price Cleaners Westchester IL Lindsey Beane Fordhams Cleaners Greensboro NC Riz Gillani London Cleaners Inc. Etobicoke Ontario Canada Elton Cerda DryCleanNYC New York NY Bipin Batra Moab UT Peimaneh Mohandesi Moab UT. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Michael Shader Milt Edies Dry Cleaners Burbank CA Carter Jones Corks Fabricare Saint Simons Island GA Lawrence Dickey Classic Cleaners Indianapolis IN Ileana Hernandez Paradise Dry Cleaner Dickinson ND Ryan Bernardin Gwynnie Bee Groveport OH Bayo Yusuf IClean Laun- dryDry Cleaning Solutions Surulere NIGERIA Dilip Param Ironwala Services Private Limited Domlur Bangalore INDIA Barry Teichman Jefferson Park Valet Shop Chicago IL Eric Wollenhaupt Classic Cleaners Indianapolis IN Robert Hawkins Lyons Cleaners Memphis TN Joey Williams Williams Fabricare Wilmington NC Nate Whitmer Balfurd Cleaners State College PA Dylan Forney Quality Cleaners Mullins SC Margarito Gomez McLean Cleaners McLean VA Ericka Ponte Gwynnie Bee Groveport OH Keith Nellenback Halekulani Hotel Honolulu HI. SUMMER 2015 ADVANCED CLASS FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Taylor Bemis and Brittani Peter- son Best Cleaners Schenectady NY Elton Cerda DryCleanNYC New York NY Keith Nellenback Haleku- lani Hotel Honolulu HI Shamel Weiner Medlin Davis Cleaners Raleigh NC Riz Gillani London Cleaners Inc. Etobicoke Ontario Canada Brian Johnson DLI Director of Education Analysis BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Scott Lloyd Durham Cleaners Laundro- mat Durham NC Barry Teichman Jefferson Park Valet Shop Chicago IL Dilip Param Ironwala Services Private Limited Domlur Bangalore India Bayo Yusuf IClean Laundry Dry Cleaning Solutions Surulere Nigeria. SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 9 RECENT GRADUATE S 10 FABRICARE IN THIS INSTALLMENTIDLIKE TO DISCUSS THREE THINGS YOUR MAINTENANCE PROVIDER CAN DO TO MAKE YOU MORE EFFICIENT AND IMPROVE QUALITY Yes I know general repairs already do that but here are three fun proj- ects that will help employees and customers alike. Really. Shirts and drycleaning garments have two sides. And I dont mean an inside and an outside. This is a really ef- fective way to make sure that your inspector looks at the front of a garment and looks at the back too. This little welding project turns the piece around so your quality control person can see all sides without taking a step Rails in a drycleaning plant are usually 72-74 inches off the floor. This makes it possible to walk through the plant without banging your head for the majority of people. But is it the best height for garment inspection Probably not. This is easy to fix and Im betting your inspector will appreciate not having to reach up and look up all the time. This super-simple rack lowers the garments to the perfect height. Its easily portable and moveable. Hmmm. Heres a thought. Suppose you have your maintenance guy combine the previous two ideas into one The turnabout on a lower rail That sounds like a plan to me. Three Quick Quality Tips By Don Desrosiers FE ATURE Don Desrosiers offers inexpensive and easy tips you can use to improve production. SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 11 There are still thousands of drycleaners using as- sembly hooks. If not for actual assembly then for stragglers. The big problem with them is that they often look like this shown at left This is bad for two reasons. First you cant see the tags or numbers because of how these stack on top of each other and its just too easy to accidently hang a piece on the wrong hook possibly resulting in a miss- assembly. This is a great remedy. Spot weld or braze a few of them together like you see below. FE ATURE continued on page 12 12 FABRICARE FE ATURE Now the invoices names numbers and tags are all clearly visible from a distance. And this is a great way to make your maintenance provider feel like part of the team. Don Desrosiers has been in the drycleaning and shirt laundering business since 1978. He is a workflow engineer and a management consultant who provides serves to shirt launderers and drycleaners in the United States Mexico and western Europe through Tailwind Systems. He is a member of the Society of Professional Consultants and the 2001 recipient of DLIs Commitment to Professionalism Award. He can be reached at 186 Narrow Avenue Westport MA 02790 or at his office by fax 508 636-8839 by cell 508 965-3163 or e-mail at He has a website at continued from page 11 SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 13 COVER FOCUS Not so many years ago many people probably paid little attention to that pound sign on the computer keyboard. You know the one that looks like this . Then along came Twitter and what we have come to call the hashtag and social media marketing was changed forever. Yet not everyone takes advantage of hashtags the way they should and thats unfortunate because if you are not using hashtags you are missing out on exposure for you and your brand. When you are on social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram your goal should be to become part of the conversation. The hashtag allows more people to find your contributions to that conversation. Without them you miss out on lots of eyes that could be viewing your content. For example lets say 1000 people follow you on Twitter. Not counting re-tweets only 1000 people will see your posts if you dont use a hashtag. Add the hashtag though and you start picking up momentum because the post has the potential of being seen by and re-tweeted by any number of people. A common hashtag such as love can position your post to be seen by potentially millions of people. But be warned. While there are great benefits to hashtags there also are pitfalls. Hashtags dont come with exclusivity. Anyone can use them so a hashtag can become a weapon that works both for you and against Hashtagging Your Way To Social Media Relevance Those Seemingly Inconsequential Hashtags Are Crucial To Gaining More Exposure For Your Brand By Jay York COVER FOCUS 14 FABRICARE you. Critics of your brand or just the usual assortment of Internet trolls may attempt to hijack your hashtag putting you or your business in a bad light. A prime example of a hijacked hashtag happened a few years ago when McDonalds apparently hoping for a flattering conversation about the restaurant chain introduced McDStories on Twitter. McDStories went viral but not in a good way as the Twitter world had a field day tweeting unflattering tales of their alleged bad experiences with the restaurant. Dont let such cautionary tales deter you though. March boldly into hashtagging but as you do keep in mind these suggestions for getting the most out of your efforts. Use proprietary hashtags. One of the advantages to a proprietary hashtag such as Orange is the New Blacks hashtag OITNB is that it is linked directly to your brand. These hashtags typically are not used as widely as a more generic hashtag but the goal is to brand yourself through the hashtag with the hope it could go viral. Dont overdo it. A post littered with too many hashtags can be difficult to read so your message might become obscured as your followers see what appears to be gib- berish. Perhaps you saw the skit Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon once performed in which they spoofed the devices overuse by lacing their spoken conversation with seemingly endless hashtags. It was hilarious and annoying all at the same time. Twitter itself suggests using no more than two hashtags per Tweet. Certainly three should be the very maximum on Twitter. A different etiquette exists on Instagram though and most Instagram followers will tolerate excess hashtags. Meanwhile although hashtags can be used on Facebook theres little reason to include even one. Thats not the way people use that social media site. Think geographically. If you are a local company that depends mainly on local clientele a hashtag that links to your location works well. Hashtags such as Seattle or Bangor drop you into numerous conversations about your hometown. Since social media has become such a vital element of any comprehensive marketing strategy understanding all of the nuances is critical. A hashtag may not look like much but its really a powerful tool that is a double-edged sword. If used correctly it can greatly bolster your marketing reach. Used incorrectly it can have adverse effects or unintended consequences. With social media your hashtag is your brand so use it wisely. Jay York senior digital marketing strategist for EMSI Public Relations www.em- is an internet marketing expert with extensive experience in social media marketing dating back to the early days of MySpace and LiveJour- nal. Since graduating from the University of South Florida Business School Jay has worked as marketing coordinator for an international IT training company business development and branding manager for a startup restaurant manage- ment group and CEO of his own social media management firm. FE ATURE SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 15 COVER FOCUS What Drycleaners Need to Know About Yelp By Ricardo Gonzalez DLI Web Developer PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST FRUSTRATING PARTS OF THE ONLINE WORLD FOR DRYCLEANERS IS YELP. Yelp is an online review site where people review businesses such as your own. Yelp can be very frustrating because people are more likely to write a review when theyre angry and frustrated. When they have a positive experience they just continue buying. Its no wonder many drycleaners avoid the service all together. Regardless it in every drycleaners best interest to become familiar with Yelp. The main reason is the first web- pages Google lists for most drycleaner searches are Yelp pages. These pages link to your website and offer reviews. The links in Figure 1 are all Yelp and Google pages. If you build a great website and work hard to rank higher than your competitors youll still be below your competitors Yelp pages in terms of ranking. Thats why its so important to play Yelps game. If you dont youll be on the second page of Google and 98 of customers never get that far into the listings. Where do you even start with Yelp How do you eliminate the negative effects of bad reviews and encour- age more positive reviews Many cleaners dont know the first step does NOT involve paying Yelp for their services. Yelps impact on your customer base is minimal. Save your money for other services. When setting up the Yelp page make sure to use lots of relevant images add your hours of operation and link to your website. The bread and butter of having a great Yelp page is in 16 FABRICARE COVER FOCUS increasing the number of good reviews and decreasing the negative impact of bad reviews. Here are some tips. STACK THE DECK IN A POSITIVE WAY First stack the deck with at least 10 positive reviews on your Yelp page. If you can get many more since they make a crucial impact on youre your business looks to potential customers. Dont wait to start getting good re- views actively solicit them. The best strategy is to first speak to your family and friends and ask them to leave an honest review of your services on Yelp. Many of them will be creating Yelp accounts for the first time so make sure they follow this one tip. Before they review you make sure that they review their two favorite restaurants first. Yelps algorithm looks at post histories. If Yelp sees a lot of people creating new accounts to review only one business it looks like the someone is making fake accounts to give themselves pos- itive reviews. Yelp will most likely delete those reviews. Telling your family and friends to review two restaurants ensures your reviews will not vanish. After family and friends make an offer to your most frequent customers. Tell them youll give them one free garment cleaning or some sort of coupon if they post print and present an honest review about your business on Yelp at the counter. Its important to emphasize honest review here. Dont be dishonest in any way. When you ask for a review from a customer theyre much more likely to leave a positive one since they are usually too embarrassed to print a bad review in exchange for a coupon. Its just human nature. Also dont forget to tell your customers to write two re- views for their favorite restaurants before they review you. DEALING WITH UNFAVORABLE REVIEWS After you do that you should have more than 10 positive reviews which will help you immensely. Then it is time to focus on negating the impact of any bad reviews. Its very hard to remove a bad review. You can submit a claim to Yelp letting them know why they should remove a review but theyll only do so if the review was not relevant to your business. For example DLI had a Figure 1 - Top hits are often mostly Yelp and Google pages. Is your company listed with these platforms SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 1717 bad review recently where someone complained that the organization refused to help them remove a wine stain. But as many of you know DLI is not a drycleaner were a trade association so Yelp had no problem removing that review. If you have a bad review - and you will no matter how good you are - the key to negating the bad effect is to kill that reviewer with kindness. Reply to every negative review but be as nice as possible. If someone says a dye bled in their black and white shirt you might can reply Im terribly very sorry for your experience and the ruined garment. Black and white garments have a history of dye bleeding. If you bring the garment in wed be happy to take another look at it free of charge in order to make sure you have the best experience possible. All the best Joe Smith Owner of XYZ cleaners. This is a great response for two reasons. It shows you care about your customers and are willing to do anything to make sure they have clean healthy clothes. The added benefit is that many times the bad reviewer is so overwhelmed by the nice response that they update their review to apologize for the negative rant. Often times these people have been having a bad day where their dog died their wife left them or their favorite TV show was cancelled. They were just on edge when they went to your store and you reaped all their hate. So thats all you have to do for Yelp. As an added bonus you can create a Google Plus page for your business. You dont have to add reviews there just create it once and itll help your search ranking. 18 FABRICARE FE ATURE SIXTEEN ATTENDEES VISITED RICHMOND VIRGINIA FOR A THREE DAY COURSE IN ROUTE OPERATIONS AND SYSTEMS AT PURITAN CLEANERS. DLI along with James Peuster of The Route Pros lead the course including a plant tour and witnessing route meetings and structure. Puritan Cleaners especially Norman Way and Montell White were gracious hosts and their facility was a great spot for all the attendees said Route Pro James Peuster. They have one of the best route operations in the country and many learned how do do routes right with them. The course was big on energy and big on content Brian Johnson DLI Director of Education Analysis said. Everything was covered from vehicles and racks to sales and marketing. DLI and Peuster are working on offering another installment of the three-day course designed to help operators focus on best route practices in 2016. Special Course Helps Attendees Drive Routes Properly Sixteen students participated in the first DLI On the Road and Route Pro Routes course August 12-14 2015 at Puritan Cleaners in Richmond Virginia. FRONT ROW L-R Sadiq Sid Khoja River Oaks Cleaners Hous- ton TX Ron Sacino Sacinos Fine Cleaners Saint Petersburg FL Marlena Calobong Crest Cleaners McLean VA Yasmin Veera Door to Door Valet Cleaners Hawthorne CA Brian John- son DLI Director of Education Analysis James Peuster The Route Pro Edwin Obando Door to Door Valet Cleaners Hawthorne CA John Cho Peach Cleaners Sandy Springs GA Yechial Hilo Kaller ValuClean Cleaners Monsey NY Norman Way Puritan Cleaners Director of Operations. BACK ROW L-R Joel Bien-Aime New Process Dry Cleaners Johnstown NY Brian Kinman Crest Cleaners McLean VA Nate Panning McLean VA Je Kang Columbia Pike Cleaners Arling- ton VA Glen Kotval Fairlea Cleaners LLC. Lewisburg WV Ahmed Ahmed Bergmanns Inc. Sterling VA Brandon Crick Conway Cleaners Conway SC Ed Vance Signature Cleaners Hendersonville TN. TOP Students learned how to sort plan and fulfill route series for customers. BOTTOM Dining with fellow drycleaners is a great way to make friends in the industry. SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 19 1-800-638-2627 Practical Training English E Korean K Spanish S 59 each Quality Pants Finishing E S Quality Coat Finishing E S Quality Shirt Finishing E S Inspection Perfection E Advanced Stain Removal Techniques E S Practical Training Video Training Manual 149 each Basic Stain Removal Techniques E S Quality Finishing Techniques E S K Customer Service Training E Self-Study Certificate Courses 89 each Stain Removal includes stain swatches Drycleaning Fundamentals Wet Cleaning Drycleaning and the Environment Drycleaning Business Management Drycleaning Finishing Procedures Customer Service in Drycleaning Fibers and Fabrics CANT MAKE IT TO DLIS SCHOOL Here are some ways to get training for your staff. All titles available for digital download some titles available on DVD or Video CD. Call 800-638-2627 to order. AVAILABLE IN SPANISH KOREAN SELECTED ITEMS hourlyproductionstandards Laundered Shirts Piecesperhour40-45 90-110 SingleBuckUnit DoubleBuckUnit 2Person Drycleaning international Institute Laundry Drycleaning international Institute Laundry 22 FABRICARE NATIONAL WASTE CLEAN Waste Not The Ahn family founded National Waste Clean in 1993 after experiencing frustration with the only haz- ardous waste hauler serving their New Jersey dryclean- ing chain at the time. Tired of seeing drycleaners disrespected under strict new regulations the family sold three locations and worked with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to estab- lish a waste-services company by and for drycleaners. Today South Plainfield New Jersey-based National Waste Clean serves more than 6000 customers throughout the Eastern Seaboard and in four Midwestern states. The company handles more than 80 of drycleaning operations in the New York New Jersey and Pennsylvania tri-state area and has expanded into medical and pharmaceutical waste services as well. The company prides itself on fair prices and fan- tastic customer service. For several years during the prolonged economic downturn that began in 2008 National Waste Clean held off on price increases aware that many customers were struggling with low piececounts. Today the companys pricing structure is still more economical than competitors. National Waste Clean helps drycleaners manage waste expenses by recycling and disposing of haz- ardous and non-hazardous wastes. The company of- fers pickup of wastes produced by perc petroleum and alternative plants including separator water fil- ters lint and still-bottom sludge. National Waste Clean can analyze waste removal and disposal requirements with a custom evaluation quickly generating an expert analysis of waste streams facility waste and hazardous wastes haz- ardous waste collection transfer and transportation needs and treatment recycling incineration recov- ery and disposal options. Working in partnership with clients National Waste Clean manages haz- ardous waste challenges to satisfy all safety environ- mental and regulatory directives. SOUTHWEST LAUNDRY CLEANING SUPPLY One-Stop Shop Houston-based Southwest Laundry Cleaning Supply launched in 1992 backed by three families with decades of experience in the drycleaning busi- The drycleaning industry in America has never been driven by just one company or just one operatorwidespread innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit keep it going. But inside this highly individualistic industry many companies stand out as forces that have contributed greatly to drycleaning through all of its changes and challenges in the past present and future. These are just a few of the companies that evolved alongside the industry and helped it survive and thrive along the way. These are Industry Innovators. IndustryInnovatorsBy Ian P. Murphy Special to Fabricare FE ATURE SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 23 ness. Since then the company has grown by adding lines of janitorial supplies laundry and coin-op sup- plies alterations equipment and supplies and even car- wash chemicals. As Southwest Supply has grown it has kept its focus on providing the highest quality products and services to the laundry and drycleaning industries. Its owners continue to operate drycleaning plants in the Houston area so they know first-hand what operators want and bring the best products supplies and expertise to them with an ongoing commitment to excellence and pro- fessionalism. Southwest offers a complete line of coin-operated laundry supplies and partners with major brands such as Procter Gamble to be a one-stop shop for Laun- dromats. Offering everything from vended detergents to facility furniture such as chairs and folding tables Southwest helps businesses grow one quarter at a time. With many drycleaners offering repairs and alterations as a complement to their core business Southwest also sells a full line of alterations equipment and supplies. Southwest offers a range of janitorial supplies to help operators keep their plants and stores spic-and-span too. The company offers select products for sale from its website and offers a cata- log of more than 3000 janitorial products for businesses requiring a more complete selection of cleaning prod- ucts such as schools government agencies and office buildings. DRY CLEANING PLUS The Art of the Deal Richard and Judith Stone established Dry Cleaning Plus in 1989 to help drycleaning operators run their busi- nesses better and ease the transition when its time to sell out and move on. The business matchmaker and con- sultant has served hundreds of drycleaning operations from Maine to Florida matching buyers and sellers to keep the industry vibrant and vital. Cutting deals in 15 states and Costa Rica no other firm has sold more drycleaning plants and stores on the East continued on page 24 FE ATURE Coast. Working with professionals in the legal environ- mental and accounting fields Dry Cleaning Plus always ensures a smooth transaction and transition. Dry Cleaning Plus goes beyond the listing to permit buyers and sellers personal goals guide the deal offering ideas on enhancing the business before and after the sale and crafting terms to satisfy all parties. After discussing the possibility of a sale with the Stones a few potential sellers regained their enthusiasm for the business and stayed in it. Also active in marketing and advertising Dry Clean- ing Plus offers a direct-mail option called the Plus Pac and designs logos and advertising materials for industry suppliers. The Stones offer public relations product eval- uations and promotional products helping clients win attention for their business. Before becoming business brokers the Stones owned and operated drycleaning plants stores and routes serv- ing an upscale market. Richard Stone previously worked in advertising and public relations and equipment sales designing and building numerous stores in and around New York City. Judith Stone is a former manager of high- volume drycleaning operations and specializes in effi- ciency customer service and cost structures. As consultants they can speak to issues involving manage- ment customer service plant layouts and cost control. Dry Cleaning Plus offer sellers services such as sale preparation appraisals marketing plans and exit strate- gies screening buyers so no one wastes their time look- ing at an operation that wont be a good fit. Dry Cleaning Plus can create a plan for any selling circumstance in- cluding partner buyouts retirements estates divorces and other family situations. Dry Cleaning Plus has worked with major companies such as Antons Unilever and Zoots on acquisition strategies. In the cutthroat world of business it is so rare that you meet people who are committed to an honest ap- proach wrote satisfied buyer Andrew Briller of Andrew Howard Dry Cleaners Tailors in Syosset New York. I will continue to recommend to anyone interested in pur- chasing or building a drycleaning plant to consult with Dry Cleaning Plus first. SWISHER HYGIENE Keeping It Clean Germantown Tennessee-based Swisher Hygiene prac- tically invented the hygiene services industry in 1986. Betting that businesspeople would welcome a company specializing in hygiene and facilities management it launched its restroom service and grew fast to become a leader in commercial hygiene products and services. Public restrooms are a major vector for infectious dis- eases studies confirm and clean restrooms can boost morale and slash employee absenteeism in any business. Swisher Hygiene treats microbial contamination to ensure clients workforces and patrons are safe in the restroom. As the countrys only real full-service hygiene expert Swisher Hygiene has partnered with companies such as Wal-Mart to offer guidance and supervision in cleaning and sanitizing. More than 30000 businesses across North America count on Swisher Hygiene to keep their facilities clean. Swisher Hygiene also offers concentrated and ready- to-use food service chemicals dishwashing machines warewashing products and services kitchen soaps san- itizers and antibacterial products restroom soaps paper products and odor-control systems and facilities hy- giene consultation. To ensure ongoing excellence Swisher Hygiene offers online and in-person training in all aspects of facility operation with testing and certifi- cation in English and Spanish. Swisher designed its laundry program to suit the needs of commercial laundries of all sizes from small hotels to stadiums. The company offers liquid and powdered de- tergents spot and stain removers dryer sheets and fabric softeners and more to help commercial laundries achieve the highest performance form their equipment. Again the company also offers materials in English and Spanish to ensure the proper use of its products. Whether its an office building stadium correctional facility or military base Swisher said every facility has a unique set of hygiene challenges. The companys flex- ible programs can be tailored to accommodate small op- erations restocking a single soap or air freshener when necessary. Swisher Hygiene values each and every cus- tomer and builds partnerships that emphasize service and loyalty to drive business success. Ian P. Murphy is a freelance writer and editor based in Chicago. He served as the editor of American Drycleaner magazine from 1999-2011. continued from page 23 FE ATURE 24 FABRICARE SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 25 FE ATUREFE ATURE MILLENNIALS DRESS DIFFERENTLY THEY HAVE LESS MONEY TO SPEND AND THEY HAVE DIFFERENT MONEY VALUES FROM PREVIOUS GENERATIONS. Heres the problem drycleaners are expecting millenni- als to shift their preferences or are writing them off completely when the fact is that its the drycleaners who need to change the way they package their services to reach out to them. Ten years from now millennials will represent two-thirds of the work force. Many of those jobs they will inherit from baby boomers in suits who will move on to wearing Hawaiian shirts. Are millennials going to walk into the office in a t-shirt and jeans Most probably wont. Will they spend as lavishly at a drycleaner as baby boomers did Probably not if drycleaners stay the same. Imamillennialwhoworksinthedrycleaningindustry and I rarely use drycleaning services. Why Im afraid my clothes will get ruined and wont have a way to recoup my loss. Ive gone to three separate clean- ers in my area and each one has ruined a button down shirt...most recently one I purchased brand new for Clean 2015 that I just wanted pressed. They didnt tell me about it until I put it on and it was too late. Id much rather iron my own shirts now to make sure my clothes are cleaned correctly. I know all cleaners arent like this but if you put your hand on one stove and it burns you you assume that all stoves burn. I dont or didnt know what a drycleaner really does. Do you remove stains Do you replace buttons What happens if my clothing is ruined Is there a guarantee Marketing to Millennials Requires ModificationBy Ricardo Gonzalez DLI Web Developer NOTE This item first appeared in Monday Morning Marketing News DLIs weekly drycleaning marketing newsletter for Silver Gold and Premier members. Upgrade to Silver to get this newsletter and a host of other great benefits. 26 FABRICARE FE ATURE Uncertainty leads to lack of action this is very important. I dont know WHEN I should take an item to a cleaner. Is a cleaner just for suits How often should I take clothes for the best results Is there a weekly deal I can use to automate this Lack of plans lead to less decisions being made. These are pain points and it is the cleaners responsibility to overcome them. The Millennial market is far from hopeless for cleaners. Most cleaners just dont know how to build services for Millennials and market to them correctly. Savvy cleaners need to Eliminate pain points find all the objections millenni- als have to using cleaners and figure out ways to over- come them. Research T-Mobile and Spotify if you want to see how some companies have done it. To find the pain points look at the bullet points above or talk to a millennial in their mid 20s. Focus on benefits not services drycleaners tend to market their services but they never sell the benefits. Human beings buy feelings not services. For example we dont hire a personal trainer for painful workouts. We want six pack abs. Why They lead to a feeling of attractiveness to the opposite sex. Drycleaners keep selling services such as drycleaning but what they should really be selling is the feeling associated with not having to do five loads of laundry on a sunny Saturday morn- ing. If I were a home cleaner I wouldnt market vacu- uming. I would say Dont come home to a second job. There is beauty to that. I could go on and on but the more I write the less that will make an impact. Those two things above are all you really need to know. If you want to learn more about millennials read about my last presenta- tion httpwww.natclo.com1505gonzalez.htm Clothing cleaning services will never go out of style but the industry needs to adapt to Millennials the way the music and news industry have had to. FInd us on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and Google The millennial market is growing rapidly. Savvy marketers are raising their profile among this important marketing demographic. SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 27 FE ATURE THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT MAY BE TAKING A HIT THESE DAYS. Studies show members of the Millennial generation ap- pear less interested than previous generations in starting their own businesses preferring instead to find work with established companies. In 1989 11.6 percent of house- holds headed by someone younger than 30 held a stake in or owned a private enterprise today that percentage is 3.6 percent according to a recent Wall Street Journal report. Randy H. Nelson finds that troubling but perhaps un- derstandable. The statistics show the odds of success for a new busi- ness are pretty dismal says Nelson author of the Ama- zon best-selling book The Second Decision The Qualified Entrepreneur. www.randyhnelson.combook Half of new U.S. small businesses fail in their first five years and 70 percent have gone under by year 10. Thats not exactly a new trend but what is a new is that each year in the United States more businesses now are shutting down than are being started. But Nelson who developed leadership skills as a Navy submarine officer and has a track record of starting and building successful businesses says there is a reason for those sobering statistics. Anyone can become an entrepreneur. No qualifications are required. If more entrepreneurs understood the rami- fications of that and took steps to compensate for their weaknesses the odds of success could improve Nelson says. One problem is entrepreneurs tend to be extraordinar- ily confident which can blind them to their weaknesses. Nelson remembers that early in his business career his wife asked if he knew what he was doing. He assured her he did. Since then experience taught him he was wrong. The truth was I didnt know what I didnt know Nel- son says. Over time Nelson became what he calls a qualified en- trepreneur. He says when he looks back over his 25-year entrepreneurial career that he could clearly identify four components of the qualified entrepreneur and recently How Extreme Self-Confidence Can End Up Working Against Entrepreneurs More Introspection Is Needed For Long-Term Business Success Says Former Naval Officer And Business Leader By Randy H. Nelson continued on page 28 2828 FABRICARE FE ATURE he added the fifth component self-awareness which is an important piece of each of the other four. Entrepreneurship. People who become entrepreneurs are usually brimming with self-confidence Nelson says. That helps them when it comes to making that first decision of starting a new company all but ignoring those sober- ing odds for failure that would dissuade many others. The entrepreneur optimistically thinks I know I can do this. Career-Long learning. Entrepreneurs think growth all the time for their businesses. They preach their vision to employees and hire the best talent to help them reach their goals. But are entrepreneurs growing their skillsets as fast as their companies grow If not they risk becoming the wrong person in the wrong seat with the very em- ployees they hired to take them to the promised land ask- ing What value do you bring to the company Leadership. The importance of good leadership is para- mount to business success but not all leaders are created equal. Nelson breaks down leaders into four types. The urgentreactive leader thrives on an almost crazed at- mosphere where he or she can ride to the rescue put out the fire and move on to the next problem. There isnt much time for introspection and no real vision. An ever optimistic leader starts from the belief there is nothing he or she cant do. Yes we can do that is the typical answer from this type of leaderleaving it up to their staff to fig- ure out how even if accepting the new business takes them away from their core focus. The reflexively pessimistic leader plays to survive not to win. This leader has been toughened by hard times and always worries about the economys effect on the business Nelson says. In some industries easily battered by a down- turn this style can be effective. But if maintained too long the pessimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The final leadership style the steadyproactive leader is the one every CEO should strive to become Nelson says. This type of leader values productivity and profitable growth above all things knows how to achieve both and can course-cor- rect no matter the difficulty. They understand both offense and defense and can shift between them as cycles dictate Nelson says. Life cycle. A business has different needs at different stages of the corporate life cycle. The qualified entrepre- neur must recognize that. The startup stage is where many entrepreneurs thrive. Creating something from scratch is what they are about. Needs and challenges change though as companies enter growth or expansion stages. The entrepreneurs needs change too because entrepre- neurs have their own life cycle Nelson says. First theres getting the business started and then theres the second-decision stage when the entrepreneur needs to choose what role he or she plays in the business and whether others might be better equipped. Theres also a third decision when entrepreneurs realize work infringes too much on family and personal time Nelson says. To avoid regrets later you have to consider whether you need to make a stronger commitment to a more balanced life. Finally theres the end stage when the entrepreneur is fin- ished with the current business and must decide what is next. Having experienced the exit twice in his career Nel- son has come to realize that after the sale only a few lives really change. Everybody else goes on with their normal day while the entrepreneur much like a retired athlete must figure out how to function without leading their entrepre- neurial venture every day. Ideally entrepreneurs and CEOs would be more knowl- edgeable than everyone we manage Nelson says. Thats rare though. The rest of us would benefit from a better un- derstanding of the vast reaches of what we dont know and a dose of the humility that goes with it and this is where the self-awareness component comes in. Self-Awareness. Entrepreneurs need to know their strengths and weaknesses and how they affect the busi- ness Nelson says. Unfortunately thats a trait they often fail to develop. His suggestion Surround yourself with people who know more than you entrepreneurs lead- ers and coachesadvisors who have been through all the life-cycle stages the entrepreneur is navigating through and learn from them. Once you have a clear under- standing of what you do and dont know you can decide your next steps. Will you continue to lead the business di- rectly take a supporting role and let someone else lead or move on to create another business Randy H. Nelson is a speaker a coach a Qualified Entrepreneur a former nuclear submarine officer in the U.S. Navy and author of The Second Deci- sion The Qualified Entrepreneur www.randyhnelson.combook. He co- founded and later sold two market-leading multi-million dollar companies Orion International and NSTAR Global Services. His proudest professional achievement was at the Fast 50 awards ceremony in the Raleigh N.C. area when NSTAR a 10-year-old company and Orion a 22-year-old company were awarded the rankings No. 8 and No. 9 respectively. Nelson now runs Gold Dolphins LLC a coaching and consulting firm to help entrepreneurial leaders and CEOs become Qualified Entrepreneurs and achieve their maxi- mum potential. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Miami University Ohio and was awarded the Admiral Sidney W. Souers Distinguished Alumni Award there in 2011. continued from page 27 SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 29 CONTINUING OUT LAST ISSUES SEARCH FOR LOW HANGING FRUIT IN THIS INSTALLMENT WELL COVER SOME BOILER ROOM ITEMS THEN GET ON TO REDUCING ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION. Let us now enter that Stygian cavern the abode of a hellish trio of monsters WASTE-A-WATT the BOILER IT-SUCKS the VACUUM and HISS the COMPRES- SOR yes Im alluding to your boiler room. In most cases its hot humid dirty poorly lit painfully noisy and can be dangerous. These are reasons the boiler room equip- ment despite the fact that probably at least 70 cents of each utility dollar is spent there seldom gets the attention it deserves in the form of routine inspection and preven- tive maintenance. Before getting further into this article I want to stress that boilers are one of the few devices in a drycleaning laundry operation that can actually kill you so NEVER DO ANY MECHANICAL WORK ON A BOILER THAT IS HOT OR IS UNDER PRESSURE In our previous article steam traps were the perps this time were going to check out the blow down valves on the boiler. Watch how long it takes for a slight flow of water to fill a five-gallon bucket. Not long about 30 min- utes or 10 gallonshour. If this same volume of water was leaking from your boiler through these blow down valves youd be wasting about 120400 BTUs per hour thats around three and a half boiler horsepower being thrown away. How can we identify this type of loss Ever think about why the elbows in the blow down lines seem to spring pin hole leaks more than other pip- ing When you observe the faulty part it almost seems like the hole was drilled the area is so small and well defined. The cause of this problem is the same process that created the Grand Canyon erosion. In the case of the boiler pip- ing this erosion takes on the properties of SAND BLASTING. When you blow down the boiler hard par- ticles of scale rust and other detritus exit the boiler at high speed and keep moving in a straight line Newtons first law of motion slamming into the elbow near the 90 degree bend. This impact blasts away metal. Check the valves used in the blow down piping. In most boiler installations there are at least two BALL VALVES. Look carefully at a ball valve its really a mar- More Easily Accomplished Methods That Will Save You Big Bucks By Bruce Grossman Industry Consultant FE ATURE 30 FABRICARE vel of machining and chemical engineering. The ball it- self is usually polished stainless steel or chrome-plated brass rotating inside a Teflon seat. In order for these valves to seal properly tight tolerances must be maintained be- tween the rotating ball and seat. When the valves open or close the sand blasting effect erodes away the sharp edges of the passage through the ball as well as scouring the Teflon valve seat. As the spacing between the ball and seat increase small abrasive particles enter adding to the deterioration of the ability to contain the water and steam inside the boiler. Unlike the testing for faulty steam traps this test is a slam dunk. Wet your finger or use a spray bottle with water to test the pipe on the outlet side of the valves as shown in the next steps. If the water flashes off or rapidly evaporates that valve is faulty and needs to be replaced. STEP 1 After the boiler is up and running for at least two hours with the BACK UP SLOW OPENING GLOBE VALVE open these valves are generally found on boilers rated for over 80 PSI operating pressure and will have a round handle on it. If it is not present go to STEP 2. STEP 2 Check the temperature right after the WATER COLUMN BLOW DOWN VALVE. STEP 3 Check the temperature right after the BOILER SHELL BLOW DOWN VALVE. Valves used on boilers should be rated at next higher level of the rated boiler operating pressure. For example if the rated operating pressure usually found on the name plate attached to the boiler is 150 PSI then the valve would be steam rated for at least 200 PSI. This rating usu- ally appears on the body of the valve after the SWP ab- breviation for steam working pressure you wont find these valves at Home Depot or Lowes NOT THE NUMBERS FOLLOWING THE ABBREVIATION WOG which stands for the pressure rated for use with water-oil-gas. In order to comply with code piping and fittings between the boiler and blow down tank must be Schedule 80. Well thats about it for this issue well eliminate more easy-to-fix dollar savers next time. Bruce Grossman is the Chief of RD for EZtimers Manufacturing. EZ- timers offers several proven products for testing and protecting your plants boiler and steam system SENTINEL EZ-LEVEL and TATTLER steam trap tester. In addition also a line of separator water processing and disposal equip- ment for dry cleaning machine using any type of solvent the time tested SA- HARA and DROP IN THE BUCKET misters. See our Ad in this issue and for further information on EZtimers products visit Please address any questions or comments for Bruce to or call 702-376-6693. 2015 by BRUCE GROSSMAN all rights reserved under International and Pan American copyright conventions. FE ATURE SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 31 BULLE TIN NO.748SP Por Brian Johnson Director de Educacin y Anlisis Evitando Arrugas De Plancha En Los Cuellos TECHNICAL OPERATINGInformation Le parece familiar Usted tiene una blusa o camisa bien planchada. No hay botones rotos todas las manchas salieron la cantidad justa de almidn y una arruga enorme en el cuello. Algunos las llaman arrugas. Otros las llaman ondulados u ojos de gato. No importa que nombre gracioso le d estas marcas estn lejos de ser atractivas. Sin embargo existe una forma de evitar este desagradable mal. Qu lo causa Muchos cuellos tienen una tela en su interior llamada en- tretela. La entretela se usa para darle cuerpo forma y esta- bilidad al cuello. Despus de lavado en seco o en lquido la entretela se separa yo encoge. Ahora hay un material extra en la tela exterior de cuello y no se pone lisa. Cuando se da el toque final al cuello con una plancha de mano el acabador pone la plancha en un lado del cuello y la corre hasta el otro extremo. Cuando la plancha se mueve a travs del cuello empuja el material extra consigo. Cuando la plancha llega al otro lado del cuello tambin lo hace el material extra. La plancha se mueve a travs del cuello dob- lando el material extra y forma la arruga. Como evitarlo Empujar el exceso de tela al extremo del cuello es la verdadera causa del problema por lo tanto la solucin es realmente empuje el exceso de tela al extremo del cuello. Para dar un acabado a estos cuellos de forma correcta Ponga la plancha en un extremo del cuello. Planche a travs del cuello en una forma normal pero deten- gase en el centro del cuello. Esto empuja la tela extra hacia el centro del cuello. Coloque la plancha en el otro extremo del cuello y planche a travs del centro de nuevo empu- jando cualquier ex- ceso de tela hacia el centro. Todo el exceso de tela est ahora en el centro del cuello. Cuando la camisa se cuelga en un gancho el material extra se esconde en la parte de atrs y es absorbida por el pliegue natural del cuello. 32 FABRICARE CALL NOW FOR A QUICK UPGRADE 800-638-2627 Download DLIs app on the Apple App Store Android Verion coming soon and enter your Silver Gold or Premiere Member Number to unlock and use. AT ONLY 79MONTH SILVER IS OUR MOST POPULAR CATEGORY Two free analyses and reports on any items at DLIs Lab each year Free 247 access to the DLI Online Encyclopedia of Drycleaning Monday Morning Marketing weekly marketing e-news Monthly Heads Up for this Problem Garment alerts Free DLI Certification registration renewal Free Drycleaning Performance Evaluation test swatch report Free Laundry Performance Evaluation test swatch report Free Secret Shopper Telephone evaluation Discounts on nearly all other DLI services Plenty more DONT MISS THE APP OR ANOTHER ISSUE GO SILVER Loss of Crinkle Pleat Design What Is The Problem The material bonded to the underside of the shell fabric to hold the crinkle pleated effect on the surface has separated causing shell fabric puckers. What Does It Look Like The slightly raised wavy crinkle design has opened up and thus now has a blousy stretched out appearance. This damage could be only in certain garment panels as well as in only small local areas or could be much more extensive. What Caused It The interfacing that is fused to the underside of the fabric to hold the crinkle design in place has separated due to some mishap in fabric manufacture. Not all fusible facing materi- als are compatible with the base fabric and may not form a proper long term bond. Opening of the design could also be due to insufficient time temperature or pressure used in the construction process. Another reason could be the materials used for the shell fabric and facing may have different rates of relaxation shrinkage which then will appear as bubbled fabric from the gentle action of professional cleaning. Can It Be Prevented All methods used to bond different materials together must be durable to expected conditions of repeated wear and acceptable later care processes for a reasonable period of time. The manu- facturer must use base fabrics and fusible interfacing materials that are compatible as well as use durable bonding procedures in order to prevent damage. Who Is Responsible The cleaner is not responsible because he cannot predict or prevent such damage when crinkle fashions are not properly made. In the case of newer garments not well into or past their life expectancy the manufacturer would be responsible for using materials andor methods of construction that could not withstand normal circumstances of expected use and later professional cleaning without damage. Is There A Remedy Extensive professional pressing procedures may help some garments with simple designs to some degree but many oth- ers cannot be restored. By Jim Kirby DLI Textile Analyst TABST E X T I L E A N A LY S I S B U L L E T I N S E R V I C E SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 33 BULLE TIN NO.457After proper professional drycleaning this skirt to a suit had adverse opening of the crinkle design in many places. 34 FABRICARE bulletin Prdida de Diseo de Pliegue Arrugado By Jim Kirby DLI Textile Analyst TABST E X T I L E A N A LY S I S B U L L E T I N S E R V I C E BULLE TINNO.457SP Cual Es El Problema El material unido al revs del armazn de la tela para mantener el efecto de pliegues arrugados en la superficie se ha separado causando arrugas en el armazn de la tela. Como Se Ve El diseo plisado ligeramente elevado ondulado se ha abierto y por lo tanto tiene una apariencia de blusa estirada. Este dao podra ser en ciertos paneles de la prenda as como en solamente pequeas reas locales o podra ser mucho ms extenso. Que Lo Causa El interfaz que est fusionado al revs de la tela para sostener el diseo plisado en su lugar se ha separado debido a algn percance en la elaboracin de la tela. No todos los materiales de revestimiento son compatibles con la tela base y podra no formar una unin a largo plazo apropiada. La apertura del diseo tambin podra deberse a tiempo temperatura o presin insuficiente usadas en el proceso de construccin. Otra razn podra ser que los materiales utilizados para la tela del armazn y revestimiento podran tener diferentes velocidad de relajacin de contraccin que luego aparecera como tela con burbujas por la accin delicada de lavado profesional. Se Puede Prevenir Todo los mtodos utilizados para unir materiales diferentes deben ser duraderos a condiciones esperadas de uso repetido y procesos aceptables de cuidado posterior por una cantidad de tiempo razonable. El fabricante debe utilizar tela base y mate- riales de revestimiento que sean compatibles as como utilizar procesos de adhesin duraderos a fin de prevenir daos. Quien Es Responsable El limpiador no es responsable porque no puede predecir o prevenir tales daos cuando prendas arrugadas no son hechas apropiadamente. En el caso de prendas nuevas que no estn bien adentro o pasadas de su expectativa de vida el fabricante sera responsable por utilizar materiales yo mtodos de construccin que puedan soportar circunstancias normales de uso esperado y lavado profesional posterior sin daarse. Hay Algn Remedio Procedimientos extensivos de planchado profesional podra ayudar con algunas prendas con diseos simples a cierto grado pero muchas otras no pueden ser restauradas. Despus de lavado en seco profesional apropiado esta falda de traje de chaqueta tuvo apertura adversa del diseo arrugado en muchas partes. SEPTEMBEROCTOBER 2015 35 Shirt Interfacings Can Turn Yellow What Is The Problem Some washable white dress shirts and blouses can get a yel- lowish tint in local areas after acceptable laundering proce- dures. The yellow looking places are the interfaced areas such as the collar cuffs or the front button hole placket. What Does It Look Like The shirt now has a two-tone appearance in some places. The interfaced panels have yellowed while the rest of the shirt re- mains white. What Caused It Interfacings are used on the inside under the base fabric in some areas to impart added stability shape and body. Many times these shirt facings are treated with a resin type finish to help with stiffness and keep the facings wrinkle-free. Some of these finishes are bleach retentive thus absorb and hold bleach when it is used in normal home washing or used in a regular white-work commercial laundering formula. If the washing alkalinity and bleach cannot be completely neu- tralized or flushed from the fabric during rinsing operations then a yellow discoloration is likely to occur during the heat of drying or pressing. Can It Be Prevented Most laundries will wash white shirts and blouses in a white- work formula that contains oxidizing bleach for whitening as well as for sanitation and stain removal. Therefore the best method of preventing the yellowing is for the shirt manufac- turer to use an interfacing which is compatible to all expected home or commercial wash formulas that are standard for white cotton and cotton blend shirts. Who Is Responsible There are many finishes available for use by the manufac- turer for such shirt facings that do not retain bleach from the wash. There is no reason for a shirt manufacturer to use an interfacing of this kind especially when going into a white fabric that normally needs bleaching to give satisfactory cleanliness and whiteness. So unless the shirt care label specifically prohibits the use of any particular bleach the manufacturer must be held responsible. Is There A Remedy Sometimes soaking the fabric in a hot water bath that contains reducing bleach such as sodium hydrosulfite can reduce the yel- lowing and the shirt can be re-washed without bleach but this process is not effective on all shirts. By Jim Kirby DLI Textile Analyst TABST E X T I L E A N A LY S I S B U L L E T I N S E R V I C E BULLE TIN NO.458The front button-hole placket area has yellowed after washing with mild bleach and pressing. The collar of this shirt appears more yellow than white after commercial white-work laundering. 36 FABRICARE BULLE TIN Las Entretelas de Camisas Pueden Ponerse Amarillas Cual Es El Problema Algunas camisas y blusas de vestir lavables pueden coger un tinte amarillento en reas locales despus de procedimientos de lavado aceptables. Los lugares que se ven amarillos son las reas de la entretela tales como el cuello los puos o la tapeta frontal de los ojales. Como Se Ve La camisa tiene ahora una apariencia de dos tonos en algunas partes. Los paneles de la entretela se han puesto amarillentos mientras que el resto de la camisa permanece blanca. Que Lo Causa Las entretelas son usadas en el interior bajo la tela base en al- gunas reas para impartir estabilidad forma y cuerpo adi- cional. Muchas veces estos revestimientos de camisas son tratados con un acabado tipo resina para ayudar con la rigidez y mantener los revestimientos libres de arrugas. Algunos de estos acabados son retentivos de blanqueador por lo tanto absorben y retienen el blanqueador cuando es utilizado en lavado casero normal o utilizado en frmulas comerciales de lavado de trabajo-blanco regular. Si la alcalinidad del lavado y el blanqueador no pueden ser neutralizados com- pletamente o enjuagados de la tela durante las operaciones de enjuague entonces es probable que ocurra un descolorido amarillento durante el calor del secado o el planchado. Se Puede Prevenir La mayora de las lavanderas van a lavar camisas y blusas blan- cas en una frmula de trabajo-blanco que contiene cloro ox- idante para blanqueamiento as como para saneamiento y removido de manchas. Por lo tanto el mejor mtodo para pre- venir el amarillamiento es que el fabricante use una entretela que sea compatible con todas las frmulas de lavado caseros o comerciales esperados que son la norma para camisas de algo- dn y mezcla de algodn. Quien Es Responsable Hay muchos acabados disponibles para uso del fabricante para tales revestimientos de camisas que no retienen cloro del lavado. No hay razn para que un fabricante de camisas utilize una entretela de esta clase especialmente cundo van en una tela que normalmente requiere cloro para darle limpieza y blan- queamiento satisfactorio. Por lo tanto a menos que la etiqueta de cuidado de la camisa prohiba especficamente el uso de cualquier blanqueador el fabricante debe ser considerado responsable. Hay Algn Remedio A veces remojando la tela en un bao de agua caliente que contenga cloro reductor tal como hidrosulfito de sodio puede reducir el amarillamiento y la camisa puede ser lavada de nuevo sin cloro pero este proceso no es efectivo en todas las camisas. By Jim Kirby DLI Textile Analyst TABST E X T I L E A N A LY S I S B U L L E T I N S E R V I C E NO.458SP El cuello de esta camisa parece ser ms amarillo que blanco despus de lavado comercial trabajo-blanco. El rea frontal de ojales de la tapeta se ha puesto amarillenta despus de lavado con cloro suave y planchado. 38 FABRICARE BULLE TINNO.113 NOTin Vogue THERE MAY BE SOME DIFFICULTY PROCESSING THE GARMENTS FEATURED HERE. Members have indicated that the damage occurred even though these garments were cleaned according to the care labels instructions. The garments shown are among the current top repeaters received in DLIs International Textile Analysis Lab and are selected on the basis of the seasonality and timeliness of the problem. DLI has contacted these manufacturers to work with them on resolving these problems. The bottom portion of this bulletin details the status of this work. As these garments are currently on the market however and since we have seen repeated examples of damage you may want to discuss these potential problems with your customers. Manufacturer Kate Spade RN 102760 Manufacturer Contact Information Kate Spade Company 5901 Westside Ave. North Bergen NJ 07047 Ph. 1-866-999-5283 or email to Description A black cotton skirt with a white geometric print design. Care Instructions The written care instruc- tion states dryclean-remove belt. There are no international cleanability care code symbols. Problem When the skirt was professionally drycleaned the white pigment design dissolved causing severe uneven loss of the surface print. Response Kate Spade says that if the place of purchase is reluctant to allow a return on any of their garments that may possibly be defec- tive then the garment owner can contact them directly using the contact information above to talk to customer service. By Jim Kirby DLI Textile Analyst This skirt lost some of its white pigment print design during drycleaning.