SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 33 During drycleaning, as labeled, the interfacing lost its bond to the shell fabric, which is now puckered. NOT in Vogue There may be some difficulty processing the garments featured here. Members have indicated that the damage occurred even though these garments were cleaned according to the care label’s instructions. The garments shown are among the current top repeaters received in DLI’s International Textile Analysis Lab and are selected on the basis of the seasonality and timeliness of the problem. DLI has contacted these manufacturers to work with them on resolving these problems. The bottom portion of this bulletin details the status of this work. As these garments are currently on the market, however, and since we have seen repeated examples of damage, you may want to discuss these potential problems with your customers. Manufacturer: French Connection RN: 53372 Manufacturer Contact Information: Best of All Clothing Importer, Wholesaler 136-11 38th Ave. Flushing, NY 11354 Ph. (866) 932-3285 or (212) 221-3157 Email: Website: Description: A pink, blue, green & white geo design dress and jacket ensemble made of a polyester & elastane blend. Care Instructions: The care label states: “Dry Clean Only”. The care label also has the corresponding International Cleanability Code care symbols. Problem: During the professional drycleaning process the bonded inner facing material used to impart body and stability partially separated in many places. This created an uneven, ad- versely blistered appearance to the face fabric. Response: The representative we talked to about this problem stated all their dresses should be drycleanable and this ensemble must have been washed. They did suggest returning the outfit back to the retailer for evaluation or having the dress owner contact them directly by phone or email. By Jim Kirby, DLI Textile Analyst BULLE TIN NO. 125