6 FABRICARE SEVERAL RECENT INDUSTRY NEWS ITEMS INCLUDE IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS WITH DLI LEADERS. A Family Affair for DLI President" in the August 2017 National Clothesline offers a glimpse into the life of DLI President Mike Nesbitt, it is available at www.natclo.com/1708/nesbit.htm. The July National Clothesline includes a personal profile on DLI District 6 Director, Jess Culpepper, owner of Culpepper Cleaners in San Antonio, Texas. The story, “A Texan Tradition,” describes how the Culpepper family became one of the leading dry cleaners in Texas. It is available here: http://www.natclo.com/1707/profile.htm Cleaner and Launderer profiled DLI District 7 Committee Member Hilary Taylor, of Continental Cleaners in Salt Lake City, Utah. The story, “How I Got Here: Hilary Taylor,” covers her origins in the cleaning profession and rise to superstardom in Utah. It is available here: http://cleaner-and-launderer.com/how- i-got-here-hilary-taylor/ DLI CEO Mary Scalco offered insights into the current state of the cleaning industry in the US and Canada in “Cautiously Optimistic,” and article in Laundry and Cleaning News International. Her comments are included with statements from other industry association leaders. The article covers how the times are changing and how cleaners are staying relevant. It is available here: http://www.laundryandcleaningnews.com/features/ featurecautiously-optimistic-5848308/ DLI’s 21-member Board of Directors and District Committee Members represent the industry and Institute every day. See a list of them online at http://dlionline.org/DLI-Board-of-Directors DLI Leadership in the News THIS SUMMER MEMBERS ALERTED DLI TO THE RETURN OF AN OLD COMFORTER SCAM INVOLVING A LARGE ORDER OF EXPENSIVE ITEMS (USUALLY COMFORTERS), CREDIT CARD OVER-PAYMENT, AND VARIOUS EXCUSES FOR WHY THE "CUSTOMER" CAN'T TALK ON THE TELEPHONE. DLI immediately sent an alert to all members warning about the scam, with complete text of the email messages exchanged between the fake customer and DLI member drycleaner. The message was sent at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Within hours of sending the alert, DLI received a number of responses from members across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, attesting to the audacity of the scammers. Richard Heighington, of Spotless Drycleaners in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada reported receiving similar messages from scammers twice in the past few months. Peter Bousles of Toronto Drycleaners in New South Wales, Australia, said he received similar inquires over the past two years and nearly fell for it the first time. He asked for the caller’s phone number and they never replied. Some members are having a bit of fun at the scammers’ expense. “Both times I strung them along, making them send me credit card numbers and info. I also forwarded your email. I bet they'll love it,” Heighington said. Clyde Croft of Eagle Cleaners in Clarks Summit, PA, said, “We get this scam at least once a month. Sometimes they use the phone, through TTY services, saying they are deaf. What a joke.” DLI will keep members up to date about this and similar scams as well as other important industry news. Old Comforter Scam Returns - with a New Twist WHAT ’S HAPPENING