SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 9 DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology Celebrates 90th Anniversary FE ATURE THE FIRST CLASS OF STUDENTS ARRIVED AT DLI’S SCHOOL OF DRYCLEANING TECHNOLOGY ON OCTOBER 17, 1927. There were 32 students, 30 men and two women, hailing from 22 states and the District of Columbia. Members generously donated unclaimed garments to ensure the students would have enough practice garments for the course. Prior to that, the Institute conducted only a few short field courses. Those field courses were so popular, the Board of Directors ordered the construction of a new school, creating the world’s first specialized drycleaning training facility. DLI’s School of Dryclenaing Technology has operated continuously since 1927, with only a brief pause to support America’s part in the effort to win World War II. Ninety years later the school welcomes students from around the globe and continues to offer the world’s most comprehensive education on all aspects of owning and operating a successful drycleaning facility. CHANGING WITH THE TIMES DLI offers courses several times each year. Since 1927, more than 360 general courses have produced thousands of the world’s professional drycleaners. As times have changed, so has DLI’s courses. In the 1920s the course took about three months to complete, with concentrations on Chemistry and Engineering that are no longer needed today. Back then, some cleaners had to make their own detergents, and a complete understanding of chemistry was required. Some chemistry is included