b'Getting Started with a Successful RouteBy Drycleaning & Laundry InstituteOne key factor for starting a successful route,Driver or any successful business for that matter, is to start out with good decisions.By making aThebiggestconcernisndingsomeonewhois few simple, positive choices, a route will producegoing to show up every day who can be trained on desirable results quickly. yourrouteareasandprocedures.Thesearch Vehicleshould lead you to an individual with a desire to succeedandwhoistrustworthy.Lookfor The vehicle is key to building a successful routesomeone who might even be able to be promoted service. A van can be bought or leasednew orlaterwithinthecompany.Thisindividualwillbe used. If needed, start conservatively with a smallrepresenting the company so it is important to nd vanandworkuptoalargersizeastheroutethe right person.volume increases. No matter which van is chosen,Owners often look to retired persons to run their it must be clean and in good condition. routespart-time.Moreoftenthannot,part-timers Thevehicleshouldabsolutelyhaveawraporwillhaveissueswiththescheduleandworkload design that brands the company image reectingwhentheroutebeginstogrow.Toomuchwork the company colors, name, logo, phone number,causes them to quit or diminish the integrity of the and any other pertinent information. What must beroute service. If a part-time driver is hired, only a keptinmindisthatthisvehicleisarollingpart-time route will result.billboard for the pick up and delivery service, and it should look the part.Midwest Drycleaning & Laundry Institutewww.MWDLI.org / 765-969-5745 12\x00'