THIRD QUARTER 2018 11 achievements all the more remarkable. Arthur Greeno, long time Chick-fil-A employee turned owner, will share the secret of the fastest growing fast food brand’s success on Sunday morning. His appearances have been described by audiences as relevant, adaptable, lighthearted, irreverent, real, hilarious, engaging, and remarkable. His goal is to show you how you can make others believe in your business and help make it remarkable too. You’ll walk away from a morning with Arthur armed with practical, actionable, and achievable skills. Persuasive Communication is the Only Superpower You Need Jeff Tippett presents with dual purposes: to uplift and encourage while also providing actionable content that creates change. When talking with others about what he does, Jeff finds they often respond: ‘So, you’re a motivational speaker.’ “Well, not really. But sorta,” he said. “I’m really more of a motivational teacher. I think we all appreciate and need motivation. Life can beat us down; so I want to lift people. To accomplish this as I present, I bring lots of energy, humor, and heartfelt connection.” But attendees need more than just motivation because motivation fades, he said. “I mix in actionable content that can create lasting change in lives. I began my career teaching at a university; I guess once a teacher always a teacher.” With 500+ presentations under his belt, Jeff knows how to successfully weave these two styles together. Jeff said, “Attendees almost always immediately comment on the passion that I bring to the stage. And they are correct: I am very passionate about speaking. I know that my message resonates and can be a catalyst for change. And that change can impact individuals, companies, and associations—and will have a ripple or butterfly effect of greater good that will extend well beyond our knowledge.” Jeff has written two books and typically writes articles for his weekly newsletter. In 2017 he finished his first book, Pixels Are the New Ink: 3 Steps to Digital Domination in Your Industry. He plans to finish his second book, Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communications Is the Only Force You Will Ever Need, in late 2018. Jeff said he was born with entrepreneurship in his DNA. As a kid he secured yard work contracts from his neighbors and then hired friends to fulfill the contracts. He launched multiple new divisions within existing companies, started a few new companies, and has grown stagnant companies. One of his most recent companies is Targeted Persuasion, a public affairs and communications firm. Call (800) 638-2627 or email for more information and to register. FE ATURE