8 FABRICARE DLI Self Study Courses Move Online THE DRYCLEANING & LAUNDRY INSTITUTE (DLI) NOW OFFERS ITS SELF STUDY COURSE SERIES ONLINE, MAKING THE EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS MORE ACCESSIBLE. The first courses placed online were the Fibers & Fabrics and Wetcleaning courses. Cleaners may register for the courses at DLIonline.org/Self-Study, then download the materials for independent study on their own schedule. When ready, students may take the course’s online examination. Passing grades are rewarded a certificate of achievement. The Fibers and Fabrics Course covers the sources of fibers as well as fabric preparation and general processing—including fabric construction, identification, color dyes, and design. The Wetcleaning Course reviews the equipment, supplies, and steps used in the wetcleaning process— inspection, testing for colorfastness, stain removal, load classification, and proper drying including wetcleaning chemistry. The Stain Removal Techniques Self Study Course is scheduled to be moved online later this year. This fundamental course discusses stain removal techniques and procedures, stain composition, precautions, and troubleshooting. Additional Self Study Courses will also be added as the program continues. These titles are available in print form and are scheduled to move online in the next year: • Finishing Procedures In Drycleaning • Drycleaning Fundamentals DLI introduced its Self Study Courses in 1954 when DLI (then the National Institue of Drycleaning or NID) mailed its first Spotting Correspondence Course. Students formally took a paper examination and mailed it back to the Institute for scoring. Now, an examination accompanies each online lesson or study guide. Posting the exams online reduces the amount of time involved to provide better, faster service. Results are displayed instantly at the end of an exam, eliminating a several- weeks-long wait for students to learn about their scores. The courses are ideal for cleaning owners or employees who wish to learn but do not have time to study at DLI’s School of Drycleaning Technology. They also make it easier for international or distant cleaners to learn and improve their skills. In keeping with DLI’s commitment to education, all DLI School of Drycleaning Technology Resident Courses, Self Study Courses, and Certifications are available to all drycleaners, worldwide. Each Self Study Course is $139. Fibers & Fabrics and Wetcleaning Courses Available Now, More Soon Online Self Study Courses FE ATURE