THIRD QUARTER 2018 31 question becomes, “If the tip is not to be used, then why is it there?” The spatula tip has a couple of uses. It can be used to apply small amounts of a stain removal agent to a stain. • For liquid stain removal agents: Dip the tip of the spatula into a liquid spotting agent then hold the spatula over the stain. A few drops of the spotting chemical will run off the tip. • For powdered stain removal agents: Scoop a small amount of the powder onto the spatula tip and sprinkle the powder onto the stained area. Conclusion To perform any task effectively the proper tools are needed, therefore, spotting guns, brushes, and spatulas are important and necessary for removing stains. When they are used correctly, stain removal can be a successful and re- warding process. But when bad habits take over, these tools can quickly become destructive to most any fabric. BULLE TIN NO. 764 Never use the pointed tip of the spatula on fabrics. Use the spatula to scoop small quantities of a powdered chemical. Next online exam period August 11-19 Registration deadline August 3