New Web Archive DLIMembership MagazineNowQuarterly New Fabricare Web Archive Released FABRICARE ARTICLES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE IN THE FORM OF A NEW WEB ARCHIVE FOR MEMBERS. The site will host all articles from 2018 forward. This will facilitate easier article sharing and viewing. Members will continue to receive a professionally-printed copy of the publication and be able to access an online PDF flip book or regular PDF file. The new archive is built to allow for easy searching, and each article is tagged by its parent issue. Categories will develop over time to make it easy for readers to find related articles for just about anything. DLI’s membership magazine, Fabricare, is now a quarterly publication. Issues will be sent every three months instead of every two. This is to reduce printing and mailing expenses while DLI continues to provide a flow of news and information through its weekly Hot Press e-newsletters and other communications methods. With this change comes a new way to use Fabricare. WHAT ’S HAPPENING 6 FABRICARE DLI Launches Free Online Marketing Videos IN A RECENT DRYCLEANING & LAUNDRY INSTITUTE SURVEY, MEMBERS INDICATED THAT INTERNET MARKETING WAS ONE OF THE TOP THINGS THEY WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TO HELP THEIR BUSINESS. Brian Rashid, a speaker at a 2017 conference, covered this topic very well for drycleaners in the audience. DLI asked Rashid to produce a set of short videos to explain how members can begin marketing online. This video series is available free to all members and was designed exclusively for drycleaners. Members may learn online, at their own pace—even with no marketing or technology experience. Each video is about 10-15 minutes long and covers the following topics: • Understanding Your Marketing Strategy & Identifying Opportunities • Email Marketing & Outsource Strategies • Facebook Marketing & The Power Of Positioning • Instagram Marketing & Influencers • The Power Of Audio “At DLI we are always looking for ways to improve,” said DLI CEO Mary Scalco. “Input from members is very important to us and drives the changes we make. Members told us online marketing was a top priority. We know this new video series will help members kickstart effective and inexpensive online marketing programs.”