THIRD QUARTER 2018 7 FE ATURE DLI Presents Diamond Achievement Award To Buster Bell For His Deep Commitment And Lifelong Dedication To Helping People Succeed In The Drycleaning Business Meet DLI’s 2018-2019 Board of Directors DLI PRESENTED WALTER “BUSTER” BELL WITH THE DIAMOND ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, DLI’S HIGHEST HONOR, JUNE 7 AT THE SOUTH EASTERN FABRICARE ASSOCIATION SOUTHERN DRYCLEANERS & LAUNDERERS SHOW. Through the course of his life, Bell repeatedly demonstrated his passion as a champion for every cleaner. His belief in a better industry caused him to strive to develop certification programs cleaners could use to offer the best, and safest, services. At 86, Buster keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry by calling on contacts in every corner of the country and every aspect of the business. Eldridge Cannon of Cannon’s Costal Cleaners in Brunswick, Georgia, said Bell will talk to a soap manufacturer and find out what’s new with detergents. He’ll know about new equipment before it We know a lot. We don’t know everything, but we know a lot. -Walter“Buster”Bell continued on page 32 Front row (Executive Committee) left to right: Treasurer Jess Culpepper, CGCP® , Chairman Mike Nesbit, President Leland Waite, and President-Elect Dennis Schmidt. Second Row (l-r): Allied Trade Director Jon Jordan, District 7 DCM Hilary Taylor, District 1 DCM Kathy Benzinger, District 4 Director Jeff Schwegman, CGCP® , and District 4 DCM Ray Kroner. Third Row (l-r): District 3 DCM Mark Watkins, District 3 Director Perry Bullard, CED® , District 2 Director Mark Pollack, CPD® , District 6 Director James Sheppard, Allied Trade DCM Bill Odorizzi, and District 5 DCM Ed Longanecker. Back Row (l-r): Allied Trade Director Joe Blaha, District 8 Director Bobby Patel, and District 6 DCM Richard Thum. DLI Chairman Mike Nesbit (right) presented DLI’s Diamond Achievement Award to Walter “Buster” Bell at the South Eastern Fabricare Association’s Southern Drycleaners & Launderers Show in Birmingham, Alabama, in June.