THIRD QUARTER 2018 25 would give a small business owner who’s new to social media, Patel said, “You have to remember why people are on social media in the first place. They’re there to have fun, learn new things, and to connect with friends and family. So, tailor your content to be fun, engaging, and insightful. And always experiment with new content to see how it performs. You’ll be surprised by the reaction some of your new content will get.” Kona Cleaners Links Website: Facebook: Twitter: FourSquare: LinkedIn: cleaners/ Instagram: Blog: BeCreative360: As you market your drycleaning services on social media using compelling and engaging posts, remember to address customer concerns and respond to inquiries as quickly as you possibly can. Start small with a new, business-oriented account or two, then ramp up your efforts to mirror those detailed above. With perseverance, a handful of attractive images, and some informative text, you’ll be successfully marketing via social media in no time at all. COVER FOCUS SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT TIPS Brian Rashid - CEO and creator of “A Life in Shorts,” a leading digital media, branding, and communications company - operates near the peak of social media mastery. He’s on Snapchat, Instagram, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Medium, to name a few. He uses his blog and podcast to spread the word about the enduring power of storytelling in our digital age. His YouTube channel features both short and long videos of him giving life and business tips as well as full recordings of his keynote addresses. On Linkedin, Rashid primarily networks with his followers and provides links to his various Youtube videos. He uses Twitter and Instagram to upload memes, closeup selfie-style pictures of him on the road or with interviewees, short videos, and links to his own website and social media posts as well as pertinent news reports. On Facebook, he for the most part posts links to, and blurbs describing, content that can be found on his Youtube channel. Social media seems to play a major role in Rashid’s marketing strategy. As with most other prominent social media users, he adds content to his sites at least once a day. Rashid also developed a special series of online marketing videos for DLI members. Brian Rashid Links Website: Facebook: YouTube: nOOZw Podcast: Blog: LinkedIn: Online Marketing for DLI Members Video Series: Free in the Members Only section of