24 FABRICARE pay for expensive [messaging or emailing] software,” McKenney said. “The big thing that’s growing is cellphones. 60 percent of traffic is mobile,” which means that working with social media that are popular on mobile devices is a trend that won’t go out of style any time soon. Bibbentucker’s Links Website: https://www.bibbentuckers.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bibbentuckers Twitter: https://twitter.com/bibbentuckers Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/112721525348170348101/1 12721525348170348101 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Bibbentuckers Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/bibbentuckers/ Blog: https://www.bibbentuckers.com/blog/ KONA CLEANERS & BECREATIVE 360 Like Rashid, Bobby Patel is at the leading edge of social media marketing. He owns Kona Cleaners in Costa Mesa, California, and is a partner at the BeCreative360 marketing consultancy. The latter is geared specifically toward the drycleaning industry and is involved with the marketing efforts of a number of the other people highlighted in this piece. Kona has a presence across a broad spectrum of social media websites. The company uses Yelp to showcase its various facilities and interact directly with customers, addressing their needs and concerns. “Consumers today research companies very thoroughly before spending their hard- earned money,” Patel said. “Part of that research could be looking at the social media presence of that company.” Patel currently serves as DLI’s District 8 Director. Kona uses Instagram to post high-quality images of models in fine and well-fitting clothing, seasonal and funny memes, as well as photos and videos of their employees and the inner workings of the drycleaning business. On Foursquare, Kona posts basic business information and interacts directly with customers. Its Facebook page is chock-full of employee and company event pictures, shots of models wearing dress clothing, and funny videos - including a few of adorable cats. For the most part, the content uploaded to the various Kona Cleaners social media pages tends to be the same or similar with a varying amount of text. In this way they target a broad range of potential users across multiple pages using a few examples of compelling visual and written content. On Linkedin, which is a social media site geared primarily toward networking, Kona provides brief company contact and operational data without maintaining a strong content presence. As the operator of BeCreative360, Patel uses social media extensively and to maximum effect. “Some of our fun posts have received an incredible amount of engagement,” Patel said. “We recently posted a math quiz that received over 450 comments and thousands of clicks! Fun posts are great social content to get visibility for your business because they’re shareable with friends and family.” Overall, Kona’s presence on social media tends to consist of photos of beautifully smiling people wearing finely-tailored clothes, updates on charity drives, cute pets, patriotic images, links to clothing- related news stories (like the recent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex), and posts about local community developments. “Content that demonstrates what happens ‘behind-the-scenes’ at Kona Cleaners generally has the most impact,” Patel said. “Our customers probably find it interesting to see what happens to their garments after they’re dropped off at Kona Cleaners.” Staying at the top of feeds is a key component of using social media for marketing purposes. “We post almost every day,” Patel said, which is something just about anyone else with access to a mobile device can do - on the fly, if necessary. When asked what advice he continued from page 23 COVER FOCUS