26 FABRICARE By DLI Education Department TECHNICAL OPERATINGInformation Pressing Questions DLI’s network of industry professionals includes owners, operators, manufacturers, and distributors, as well as the Bet- ter Business Bureau and other contacts. DLI Staff are often asked to comment on what sorts of things cleaners should look for when purchasing new equipment. With that in mind, we contacted a host of finishing equipment suppliers to see what questions they answer most frequently, and what questions cleaners may not ask but might wish to consider. Here are some questions you might wish to ask your finish- ing equipment representative when it comes time to deter- mine which equipment is right for your situation. 20 Questions to Consider when Buying Finishing Equipment  1. How much steam pressure is required to run this finish- ing unit properly? 2. What is the effective warranty period? What does the warranty cover? 3. In addition to the purchase price, what other costs are involved (installation, service contracts, supplies, train- ing, maintenance, warranty, etc.)? 4. How much space will the equipment require? 5. What is the cost to operate this pressing system? 6. Who will service the equipment? 7. Will you help me arrange to visit a business using the equipment so I may see it in operation? 8. How many pieces can I realistically expect to produce per hour? 9. What training options are available? Are they on-site or off-site? Is the training conducted by a manufacturer or third-party company? How much does it cost? 10. Does the product have exclusive features? What sets it apart from other brands? 11. What type of after-sales support does the manufacturer provide? 12. Whom do I contact for post-sale support? 13. What type of safety measures does the product have to protect employees? 14. What type of safety measures does the product have to protect itself from damage? 15. Does the company offer technical support before and after product installation? 16. Is support available through telephone, email, online chat, and text messaging? 17. Is it easy to get replacement parts if they break or wear down with use? 18. What is the estimated return on investment? 19. Where is the product manufactured? 20. How long will it take to receive the item after it is pur- chased? BULLE TIN NO. 763